Florida Teen Accused of Posing as a Doctor and Grand Theft (Video)

Malachi Love-Robinson,18, accused of practicing medicine without a license

Malachi Love-Robinson

South Florida teenager was accused Tuesday for practicing medicine without a license after he was caught performing a physical exam and giving medical advice to an undercover agent and theft.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Malachi Love-Robinson opened and operated his own medical office, called New Birth New Life Medical Center & Urgent Care, in a building populated by medical and dentistry offices in West Palm Beach; he even held a grand opening celebration in January.

Authorities also found several online profiles on medical sites such as Healthgrades.com, which has been removed, and the National Provider Identifier Database, which discuss his specialization in naturopathy, psychology and his treatments for minor and orificial surgery.

Practicing medicine without a license is a third-degree felony in Florida. Love-Robinson has since closed his office and is appalled by the charges brought against him. Here’s footage from Palm Beach Post of the press conference he held yesterday about his accusations.

He claims to have received a Ph.D in another field of study from a “private Christian university,” but he refused to name the field or institution. Officials found a certificate provided by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a group for holistic health professionals including herbalists and other so-called drug-free practitioners.

According to the association’s director, Donald Rosenthal, Love-Robinson’s application was approved after reviewing copies of degrees and diplomas sent by mail. He also said applicants sign a disclosure form stating they understand the certificate does not substitute for the skills of a medical doctor.

“I’m not trying to hurt people.” “I’m just a young black guy who opened up a practice who is trying to do some good in the community,” he said. “If that is a negative thing, we have a lot more work to do in the community than to single out me.”

He says the undercover agent acted as a patient complaining of an itchy throat. He checked her breathing, temperature and weight and suggested she visit a local pharmacy. He insists the no medical scripts or advice were given.

Officials say this is the latest in a series of encounters with law enforcement in the last year, as portrayed himself as a doctor before. He was arrested last October after accusation of spending almost three weeks practicing medicine without a license at an addiction treatment center called New Directions, in Boynton Beach, Fl.

Florida Department of Health Spokesman, Mr. Dalton said the teenager was also arrested in January 2015 after wandering around St. Mary’s Medical Center wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope. Love-Robinson said St. Mary’s knew of his presence, but St. Mary’s would not comment. Palm Beach Post reported that he was in an exam room with a doctor but did not complete any doctor responsibilities.

The newspaper also reported Love-Robinson’s mother told police that he was diagnosed with an illness and refuses to take medication.

Investigators also found another victim, an 86-year old woman. Love-Robinson allegedly posed as a doctor to treat her at her home, where he gained access to her checkbook and cash and spend thousands of dollars.

Love-Robinson has since been served a cease and desist notice and several citations by the health department. He has also deactivate his personal and professional social media accounts. His official charge is practicing medicine without a license.

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