ESSENCE Debuts #BlackGirlMagic Docuseries (Video)

Sage Adams, subject of ESSENCE Black Girl Magic Series, Episode 1.

ESSENCE remains at the forefront of the newly emerged #BlackGirlMagic movement with the launch of its new video series "Black Girl Magic”.

According to ESSENCE, the six-part docuseries will roll out in stages throughout the year with each episode profiling a different woman of color. Episodes will be helmed by an assortment of up-and-coming black female directors.

The first installment, directed by Laurie Thomas, spotlights 18-year-old Brooklyn artist Sage Adams. Adams is a co-founder of The Art Hoe Collective — an online platform that showcases the works of young artists of color, as well as works by other marginalized groups.

“I think my purpose here on this earth is to create safe environments for people who look like me. And even people who don’t look like me, but are the only people who look like them in the place that they are,” Adam shares in the eight minute video.

“Having Black Girl Magic to me means having the space to not only be myself, but improve the world for others to be themselves.”

Black Girl Magic indeed.

Watch the the full episode below and click here to follow the series.





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