The Entrepreneurial Mind – Gift or Curse?

By J. Jackson Sr.

Have a brief talk with any aspiring entrepreneur and you will quickly find that he or she is wired a little different than most. Their creativeness, innovativeness, and willingness to take risk is the cause of their ability to blaze paths in developing new and wonderful things that truly make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

They often begin with an epiphany—an inspirational idea they feel will radically change the way we live our lives. From that point, they tread down the path, often times alone, working hard to develop this new idea they feel is sure to make them the next millionaire. As they work on their new, brilliant idea and it begins to take shape, aspiring trail blazers begin to become susceptible to an array of challenges that stifle their productivity in bringing their idea into fruition.

As we continue, let’s first examine the different type of characteristics many entrepreneurs possess when they set out to chase their entrepreneurial dream. First, there are the aspiring entrepreneurs with great ideas and no implementation. These self-proclaimed entrepreneurs are great at dreaming up viable ideas, but lack the awareness, the confidence, or simply the willpower to take action on them. They are simply all talk.  

Then there are the entrepreneurs with many great ideas and some implementations. These entrepreneurs have good ideas and have the willpower needed to begin executing them. The problem is that once they come to a road block, they quit. Often times even after investing months into launching their project. They simply chalk the project up as being a failure and begin diligently working on the next idea, starting the cycle all over again.

Lastly, there are the entrepreneurs with great ideas, lots of implementations, but simply no direction. These entrepreneurs have good ideas and have the willpower needed to begin executing them. They are able to  overcome obstacles and bring their product or service to market. As they begin to grow and gain traction, they begin getting distracted by new ideas and opportunities. At which point, they begin simultaneously working on multiple projects, with the hopes that they will eventually get rich from at least one of them. A previous client once told me, “I have multiple projects so that I can make multiple millions.”

Unfortunately, each of the projects failed. Many aspiring entrepreneurs that I meet often share one of these very common traits. Often times they have multiple ideas turning around in their head and they want to pursue them all. You see, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with opportunities, as a result of the way they view life. They see problems and want to create solutions to those problems. While this is truly a gift, it can also be a curse. Once they see an opportunity, they immediately want to capitalize on it, despite what other ventures they may be in the middle of.

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