Empire Season 2 Premier Re-cap


While watching the recap, it doesn’t seem like months went by since the last episode of our favorite breakout hit Empire ended. All the drama, music, and surprises not to mention the fashion through the first explosive season carried over into the Season 2 premier. The opening message “How much longer” and its pop culture references spoke volumes, with Rev. Al Sharpton among other notable names such as Don Lemon in the crowd. Contributing to the Black Lives Matter and Hands Up, Don’t Shoot movement— highlighting mass incarcerations keep the attention of the audience while delivering a much needed message.

How could one forget our favorite man to hate, Luscious Lyon? Watching his son’s living up to their name while sitting in prison. First new face Marisa Tomei etches a name for herself this season, playing Mimi Whiteman, a savvy, well dressed, and intelligible potential investor to Cookie Lyon. Another notable name that is well worth mentioning is Frank Gathers, played by non-other than veteran actor and funny man Chris Rock. But his role doesn’t spark laughter but rather interest and a slight fear of the unknown.

With time to breathe in between the frequent commercial breaks, recalling moments from last season proved to be unnecessary with flashbacks throughout the episode. One that I myself almost forgot was the killing of Vernon, Luscious’ right hand man. Andre and his wife Rhonda Lyon are expecting a baby, another minor detail almost overshadowed by all other exciting action on the show. Not until the middle of the episode do we see Anika, once fiancé to Luscious and fling/“roommate” to Hakeem. One of my favorite and unexpected moments was seeing Jamaal and ex-boyfriend Michael back together living lavish and in a good place. In season 1, struggling between being accepted by his homophobe father and putting everything he was into his music— sexuality and all, Jamal may have been the one character that made immense strides thus far. Or am I speaking to soon?

Surprise Surprise! The hostile takeover came to fruition, supposedly removing Luscious Lyon. But who would have known Mimi Whiteman would have played both hands and end up on Luscious’ team? With a special message from the Lyon himself. Frank Gathers now has Cookie in his crosshairs; who knows when her demise will come, but we can be sure she will fight before her head ends up in a box! Interactions after three months between Mr. and Ms. Lyon result in a plan to get rid of “Frankie” once and for all. The final scene of the first episode let all the inmates and audience members know how vicious a Lyon can be.empire-season-2-cast

Dramatic moves such as these are why millions of people are addicted and catapulting Empire to the top. A predominately black cast on prime time TV, with a wide ranging demographic when it comes to sex, age, gender, class and race! I find it noteworthy to mention the show pulling in 17 million unique viewers weekly!

There were a few questions that sat on the forefront of my mind throughout the first episode. How is the Empire running under the hands of Jamal? What will be the repercussions of the failed hostile takeover from the rest of the Lyon clan? What does Luscious have planned behind bars? An even better question, what power moves will come of his release? Will this season live up to the much anticipated hype it garnered last season? Most if not all of these questions will have to be answered throughout the season, but I’m sure it will be well worth the wait, right? According to scenes from this upcoming season, well worth the wait seems like an understatement. Thank you to Fox for welcoming us back into the Lyons den!

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