Don’t Ask Gary, Ask An Attorney – The 411 Behind Lawyer Referral Services

By Reganel J. Reeves, Esq.

Over the past few years the State of Florida has witnessed an epidemic of lawyer referral services across various media platforms. Who are these referral services? Why do they advertise so much? What do they seem to be so helpful?

Money! Money! Money! The lawyer referral services operating throughout the state understand that there is an abundance of money in the business of hoarding auto accident victims and controlling which doctors can treat the patients and which attorneys can represent the clients. These companies have no vested interest in the quality of services that the injured will receive. These groups are seeking to force law firms and doctors into paying to be part of their network because they cannot compete with the onslaught of advertising done by these companies.

Quite frankly, one cannot blame these companies for seeking to capitalize in this capitalistic country. This is America and as Americans we strongly believe in the freedom to make money in a lawful manner and more importantly the freedom of choice. But that’s just it, there is much irony in the fact that these referral services are attempting to steal away the “freedom” of choice from those injured in auto accidents.

When an accident victim calls a “411” or an “Ask” number they are failing to utilize their freedom to choose their own lawyers and doctors. Many that are injured may not understand just how important the power of choice is after an auto accident. When an injured accident victim hands away their right to choose their attorney they hand away their freedom to vet prospective attorneys through a series of free consultations and providing the attorney, and the injured an opportunity to build a rapport with one another.

I advise those injured in an accident in Florida to exercise your freedom to choose the attorney that is best for you. Do not be lazy and allow big advertising conglomerates to profit from the law firms that choose to sell their advertising souls just to stay in business during these tough economic times. Some of these companies will send an injured victim to any attorney that pays to be in their network regardless of the attorney’s qualifications or reputation.

There are many law firms who still seek to gain clients the old fashion ways such as good work, good will, and a good reputation. After you are injured in an auto accident, and before asking the person on television, consider asking a friend who has been in an auto accident. Moreover, injured victims should consider researching the Internet and visiting different attorney websites, ads, and blogs. After narrowing your search down for an attorney, schedule free consultations and ask questions before you decide on which attorney to hire. The freedom is yours so don’t ask this guy or that lady; ask an attorney, but more importantly ASK YOURSELF.

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