Damn Write Originals Introduces New Web-series, “Cream X Coffee” (Video)

An "Accidental" Interracial Love Story.

Photo from Cream x Coffee

Stanley Kramer’s 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner exposed America to the idea of interracial dating. Only six months after the film’s release was interracial marriage made legal. What was once viewed as taboo (and in some parts of the country, can still be viewed as such) has now been normalized. Whether it be with celebrity couples such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, or every other actor, athlete, and entertainer.

Cream x Coffee, a Damn Write Originals Web-series adds a modern twist to where Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner left off. As the title of the series suggests, a little cream is added to someone’s coffee and a potential relationship brews in the process.

Afro-centric Dionne accidentally falls for Ryan, a Random White Guy, after a steamy weekend in Sin City. From there, the possibility of a relationship ensues–or maybe it was better as a fateful fling? Audiences will be able to see the drama unfold throughout the series, which picked up production last October.

In the true essence of Black love, it’s an eye opener to see a pro-black, afro-centric business woman become romantically involved with a white man. Maybe it’s Ryan’s charm or romantic demeanor that catches Dionne’s eye, but we all know not to judge a book by its cover–or better yet its skin tone! Will Dione stay to her All-Black Demeanor or will she indulge in this accidental swirl of love?

In a press release, Screenwriter/Producer Nakia Stephens said, “Throughout the series, Dionne is constantly trying to prove her commitment to the black community while simultaneously trying to prove to Ryan that there is room for their love to grow. Meanwhile, Ryan has to prove to Dionne (and her group of skeptical friends) that he can handle her black girl magic!”

Under Damn Write Originals, Nakia Stephens have created a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the production of the show. Viewers can expect ten episodes in the series first season, with drama heightening in every episode!

For more information on Cream X Coffee and other Damn Write Original Productions, check out damnwriteoriginals.com

Check out the pilot for Cream X Coffee Episode 1 below and donate here.

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