Confessions of a College Graduate: Moving ‘Back’ In With Mom

Are you moving backwards or just moving on your own time?

I’ve talked about transitions and the importance of setting boundaries as a post-grad ‘adult.’ This week it was on my spirit to talk about moving back in with your family after getting your degree.

Wow, here we are again living with mom and dad, or maybe even a trusted…or not so trusted family member. How did we get here and when do we get to leave? I’m sure while living it up in college many of us didn’t see ourselves essentially moving backward, that is back under mom’s roof.

Let social media tell it; you aren’t a real adult until you are living under your roof paying your bills. All of that is fine and dandy but can you, yourself, the one reading this line afford to live on your own. What those tweeting about being independent don’t tell you is how much they may struggle. The downside to social media that many don’t remember is we don’t publicize our hard times; we still laugh at people that post videos of themselves crying right?

Living in Atlanta all my life, I knew the cost of living was nowhere near what it was in the small South Georgia college town I became accustomed to. Do I find a couple roommates and penny pinch or move back in with mom and save all my pennies for a later date? Granted all of us aren’t lucky enough to have that option but for those who are, what is the harm in doing so?

According to SmartAsset, here is a simple breakdown of the cost of living in the city of Atlanta.

For the college students who want to move to bigger cities due to more opportunities, a quick Google search will tell you on average just how much it will cost you. It’s also important to remember that although Atlanta is relatively small compared to other major cities (e.g., San Francisco, Brooklyn, Chicago, etc…), it is continuously growing, and the cost of living will increase. So about moving back in with mom, it doesn’t seem like such a shabby idea huh?

Incorporating transitions and boundaries, being transparent with yourself about your timeline and contributions should be had early on. Transitioning out of your space and back into your families can be a rather large and tough pill to swallow. Take it from me, someone who values their personal space and time… it’s not easy. Where do you want to be in 6 months? A year? Are you actively working to get there and out of your mom’s spot?

The major takeaway for you reading this is to move on your own time. You’ve probably seen a post or ten about how life is not a race. Indeed, it isn’t, but that doesn’t stop my dad from telling me to ‘maintain my lane.’ We are all trying to advance in life, and often we may subconsciously feel like we compete to get their first (thanks to social media). What is for you is not what’s for the next and vice versa. Remember to operate on your own time, on your own time and in real life. And express gratitude to your mom, dad or sister friend for letting you get your life together under their roof!


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