Confessions of a College Graduate

Life comes at you fast once your degree arrives in the mail

As I scroll through Twitter, many of the people I follow are currently in college or recent graduates. I fall under the latter, having just graduated in May of 2018. Whew, I am done for now but also… what’s next?

What is next has been an unwavering question long before graduation was on the horizon. As someone who likes to have a plan, it’s startling to know that life won’t adhere to the said plan. The same idea I lost sleep over. So, what happens next? Come up with another plan would be the obvious answer. I have decided not to do the obvious and take the scenic route. Little travel here and there, sprinkle in a lot of R&R, and of course, make money. And then life happens. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, life will always happen. That just so happens to be the part that a lot of recent grads don’t necessarily plan for.

Maintain Your Lane

Either you’re a planner or an improviser. You either budget your money or spend carelessly. You see the world as black and white, or it’s greyer than you’d like to admit. Life after college or rather one existential crisis after another can be an incredibly humbling experience. In just the few short months that I’ve been out of school, I have considered traveling for a living, going back to school and even moving clear across the country. I have struggled with knowing what my plan was and sticking to it.

Not until I completely broke down did I realize that I am allowed to change the plan. To start from scratch. I along with my fellow college grads are allowed to let life happen. I tell myself and those around me that life is a feeling process. Regardless of where we are in life that we are allowed to feel. Create your process and know what it looks like for you. As simple as it may sound, ‘maintain your lane.’

The need to unplug has never been as real than it is now. I find myself getting caught up in an alternate universe aka social media. Everyone seems to have their lives put together, but we often forget that people only post their most positive moments. Developing self-awareness has helped me evaluate what is indeed for me. There are millions of life coaches, fitness trainers, spiritual guides, life experts on the internets. But remember that your process is for you and you will be the only ‘feeling’ your way through it.

Confessions of a college graduate is a series of rants, aha moments, and a resource for not only graduates but current students. From my own experiences and revelations to gems, I’ve picked up from those with more wisdom than myself. To all the grads and students, continually pushing forward and feeling your way through life.

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