Closing Atlanta: Ericka Mitchell Is One of Atlanta’s Top Producing Real Estate Professionals

Mitchell is closing deals in heels in Atlanta's hot real estate market.

Ericka Mitchell

Here at RYSE, we believe there is inspiration around every corner. In this case, inspiration can be found in one of Atlanta’s successful REALTOR Ericka Mitchell. With career transitions, an economic and housing downturn, as well as personal changes— Mitchell has managed to be on top of her game and shows no signs of stopping.

We got the chance to speak with Ericka, and it’s easy to tell that she has found her passion. A Chicago native, Ericka owned and operated her own hair salon for six years before making the change to real estate. The story behind the shift may not appear to be as dramatic as one may think at first glance. “Both of my former brother-in-laws were real estate agents and I saw how well they were doing, and if they could do it I knew I could too!” Ericka laughed when referencing her driving force behind obtaining her real estate license thirteen years ago. She always had an interest and passion in real estate, luckily she didn’t need very many signs to pursue her career. Although the initial story is simple, the road along the way hasn’t always been smooth.

The 2008 housing downturn proved hard for not only homeowners but Real Estate Professionals as well. Many fellow colleagues of Mitchell saw strenuous times— but somehow she managed to stay afloat! Mitchell credits her customer service and client referrals to her success not only through the crisis but throughout her career. “Fighting for my client and negotiating are what I am known for and that is what keeps me at the top of my game.”

Being able to weather the storm and persevere through the difficult times has proven to be beneficial for her. She has since amassed an impressive client list that includes several athletes and entertainers, as well as clientele in the luxury market.

Life Beyond The Housing Market

Not only has she survived the economic crisis, a divorce and single parenthood have also pushed Mitchell on the road of success. Ericka has sent both her sons off to college, Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State with basketball scholarships. It’s no wonder Mitchell is so successful in her career, it starts at home.

Previously with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Ericka managed to hold the top producer title for the Buckhead office 11 months in a row! Mitchell eventually transitioned to Keller-Williams seeking a more productive business structure and plan. Fitting right in, the outstanding work ethic has only continued. Success certainly comes with its set of challenges. With eight closings just last month, Mitchell has faced challenges with just about all of them, from construction being off schedule, to seeking international lenders herself due to immigration guidelines. Ericka prides herself on finding solutions for her clients, tackling every obstacle that comes her way, assisting them with closing on the house of their dreams.

When asked what her future plans were, Mitchell doesn’t plan to stop at simply being an agent. She plans on obtaining her brokers license by the end of this year, so we can look for Ericka’s own brokerage and family business within the next five years. “I have seen, done and conquered” says Mitchell but she’s nowhere near done yet.

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