AFRO And CLEO TV To Join Comcast’s Xfinity TV In January 2019

The two African American majority owned independent networks join REVOLT and ASPiRE on Comcast's growing roster of diverse programming

After an announcement from Comcast Corporations today, we can expect to see AFRO and CLEO TV on our Xfinity listings come January 2019. The two African American majority-owned independent networks join the likes of REVOLT and ASPiRE, just to name a few, catering to Xfinity’s growing diverse consumers.

“The offerings from both AFRO and CLEO TV serve as an excellent complement to the growing catalog of programming choices we offer about global black communities,” said Keesha Boyd, Executive Director, Multicultural Products at Comcast Cable. “We remain committed to delivering a wide array of programming by partnering with independent networks, such as the two we’re announcing today, to better serve our increasingly diverse customer base.”

The growing call for a more accurate representation and ownership of our stories are being answered by major streaming platforms (e.g. Netflix’s Strong Black Lead).

Comcast follows suit sifting through dozens of proposals based on specific criteria: the content of the network; whether the network is fully financed; whether the network’s ownership and/or management group(s) are well established, have relevant experience, and are substantially owned by African Americans; whether the network is already launched and has existing or potential multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) distribution; price; and whether the network and its potential carriage provide value to Comcast and its customers.

About AFRO Network

Afrotainment’s Afro is a 24-hour poly-cultural black network offering content from top-rated Nollywood and black movies, spanning several genres including drama, comedy, and music.

“We are excited to bring AFRO’s live content and growing on demand catalog of more than 300 hours of original programming to millions of Xfinity customers. Comcast’s selection of AFRO, which is a recognition of the rich diversity in black content and culture, solidifies our position as a leader in polycultural black home entertainment in North America,” said Yves Bollanga, Founder and CEO of Afrotainment.

TV One’s spinoff channel CLEO TV offers content targeted toward Millennial and Gen X women of color. Derived from Cleopatra, offers content that challenges the negative and cultural stereotypes projected on today’s women of color. Xfinity users can expect to see long and short-form content from CLEO TV including home design, cooking, travel, docu-series, and more.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in history where women are making a huge impact in our society and culture, especially women of color,” said Michelle Rice, TV One’s General Manager. “CLEO TV will offer a diverse mix of lifestyle and entertainment content through the unique lens of Millennial and young Gen-X women of color, an audience segment that is currently underserved. CLEO TV will leverage the comprehensive media platform of our parent company Urban One, Inc. which includes digital, television and radio divisions that will each play an integral role in bringing this new network to the marketplace. We are grateful to Comcast for the tremendous opportunity to elevate new voices in our industry.”

With over 100 diverse networks available on the Xfinity platform, reaching various multicultural audience should be the industry standard. But not only that, ownership and an accurate voice are owed to the many networks making content worth watching.

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