Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Urges Black Voters to Support Bernie Sanders

West suggest Sanders better serves the interest of African Americans

Bernie Sanders - Cornel West

Just days after the Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorsed Hillary Clinton, civil rights activist and academic Cornel West calls on black voters to support Sen. Bernie Sanders in the upcoming presidential election.

He wrote an op-ed in Politico suggesting Sanders better serves the interest of African Americans.
Entitled, “Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary,” West argued that Clinton does not advance Dr. King legacy. “Rather, they perfectly underscore how it is Sanders, not Clinton, who is building on King’s legacy. Sanders’ specific policies—in support of a $15 minimum wage, a massive federal jobs program with a living wage, free tuition for public college and universities, and Medicare for all—would undeniably lessen black social misery.”

West also critiqued Clinton’s ties to Wall Street and West suggesting she has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.

“The Clintons’ neoliberal economic policies—principally, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall banking legislation, apparently under the influence of Wall Street’s money—have also hurt King’s cause,” West writes. “The Clinton Machine—celebrated by the centrist wing of the Democratic Party, white and black—did produce economic growth. But it came at the expense of poor people (more hopeless and prison-bound) and working people (also decimated by the Clinton-sponsored North American Free Trade Agreement).”

West contends that African Americans battle with whether to support Sanders or Clinton due to evolving social and political action in economically depressed communities. He also said the vote in 2016 should be a vote to make Martin Luther King’s dream of racial and economic justice a reality.
“The battle now raging in Black America over the Clinton-Sanders election is principally a battle between a declining neoliberal black political and chattering class still on the decaying Clinton bandwagon (and gravy train!),” West writes, “and an emerging populism among black poor, working and middle class people fed up with the Clinton establishment in the Democratic Party.”

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