Charlamagne the God Serves Tomi Lahren On The Black Panther Party (Video)

Blaze TV Host Tomi Lahren was given no slack after she made comments about Beyonce’s super bowl performance commemorating the Black Panthers Movement. She insisted Beyonce was saluting a group that “used violence to overthrow white domination.” She is clearly misinformed and in a debate with Charlamagne the God, he let her know it.

The Breakfast Club co-host gave her “Donkey of the Day,” leading Tomi to invite him on her show to discuss his reasons. “Donkey of the Day is a segment designed to give people the credit they deserve for being stupid.” I think at times we’re all stupid to certain situations, especially if we don’t have all the information,” Charlamagne responded after she asked why she was Donkey of the Day.

Throughout the debate, she constantly called the Black Panther Party a terrorist group suggesting they incited riots and sought violence against the police. Tomi even said the FBI shut them down because they targeted white police officers, intentionally.

Charlamagne defended the BPP stating, “I think you’re very misinformed about the Black Panthers as well. They were founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. Huey P. Newton had a PhD from the University of California. Bobby Seale studied engineering and politics in college. [The Black Panthers] were created to resist police brutality and the killing of blacks. They used violence if necessary.”

She is clearly misinformed and should watch the documentary on PBS Independent Lens- “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” by Stanley Nelson.the-black-panthers-vanguard-of-the-revolution

The documentary gave a true inside look at the Black Panthers and their core values, not relative to terrorism. It explores the significance of their group and its political and social awakening for black people, including archival footage from individuals present during the movement, such as FBI informants, journalists, police, white supporters and devoted Black Panthers who are still faithful to their roots.

Society is made to believe the BPP was a hate group who targeted the police, WRONG! The BPP wanted to dismantle an economic, capitalist system that oppressed them. They implemented a ten-point platform, reflective of the advancement of African Americans, including equal pay, equal opportunity, freedom, decent housing, education, immediate end to police brutality, and employment, etc.

In the film, we see the institution of social programs for the children and the neighborhood , such as free breakfasts and food giveaways. We listened to Bobby Seale attempt to defend himself in open court, while being handcuffed with a gage place in his mouth. We listened to the gruesome, and gory details of the horrible assassination of Fred Hampton; yet, they are the terrorists.

There are so many parallels between the Black Lives Matter, our modern day struggle for freedom and the Black Panthers., which is what Beyoncé was touching on. Ultimately, both organizations had a purpose to end police brutality. Beyonce was merely highlighting that.

Look out for Lahren, I'm sure she say something about Kendrick Lamar's performance at the Grammy Awards. Check out the PBS documentary Independent Lens-“The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” so you are not misinformed as well. It streams all month on

Watch the entire debate between Charlemagne the God and Tomi Lauren below.



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