‘The Central Park Five’ is a Must Watch Documentary

In 1989 Five Black & Latino Boys Were Tried and Convicted of Raping a White Woman Jogger While America Watched Like Hungry Wild Dogs

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26 years ago five youth that lived in the ghettos of New York City were kidnapped, vilified and exploited — simply because they were minorities. They are known as “The Central Park Five” and there is a stirring documentary under the same name that is a must watch.


These youths were living in an America that has never made an allowance for them to grow up and be free to partake in what America has deemed, “The American Dream.” Instead, “it,” meaning, America, has done everything she can to hunt them down like hungry wild dogs and do whatever within her means to exterminate what she considers a nuisance.


Ever since that fateful day in January 1865, which only made slavery illegal in The Union, the castration of people of color – particularly men, was in full effect by white fear of the retaliation that could occur due to the brutality of the institution of slavery. And that fear has bred a system of oppression that continues to haunt and tempt people of color to this very day.


The story of “The Central Park Five” is very illustrative of the disparity that separates people of power and privilege from people that are poor and vulnerable. It illustrates a disgusting judicial system that makes ‘chess moves’ based on education and wealth – opportunities that evade many people of color purposefully.


Please watch the below trailer and make sure to find this documentary in your city or on PBS.


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