Doing Business with B.O.B (Black Owned Businesses)

The NAACP reports that a dollar circulates in the black community for six hours. That is particularly low considering a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities around 20 days and white communities 17 days. ”

“Not to put any other minority owned restaurants down,” began Pat Nix, co-owner of Draft Global Beer Lounge, “we wanted to build an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable in coming. That was key to the amount of money and efforts we put into the build-out and finishing of the place.”

Nix, along with business partner Willie Fisher, placed great emphasis delivering a welcoming establishment the Orlando public would receive. The ambiance, décor, food and beverage options of the high-end bar were all carefully selected to appeal to many people with different cultural backgrounds and tastes.

“With a billion dollar building sitting across the street from you,” says Nix, “we did not feel like you could come with anything shabby and be successful right across the street from the new Amway Center.”

Developing a game plan for your business requires effort, research and resources. Joining organizations like the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida (AACCCF), advocates for economic success for black-owned businesses, makes the pursuit of success less challenging.

“There are many variables that separate success from failure,” says Dr. Robert M. Spooney, AACCCF president. “I believe that one factor we must not ignore is that successful businesses have indepth, strategic plans that are dynamic and adjustable. Without a road map, you will go nowhere.”

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