Burrito Boyz Foster Empathy By Feeding And Caring For Homeless In San Diego [Video]

The organization doesn’t just provide food but also other items like toiletries that homeless individuals often struggle to acquire.

At 4:30a.m every Sunday morning, potatoes are cooked in the oven and teams come in at different intervals to prep ingredients. Young people from the age of 10 to the age of 18 put together, combining egg, cheese, and potato to make more than 600 burritos a session.After cooking, the group moves downtown to distribute their burritos to the homeless.

Burrito Boyz is an organization that took off in 2010 with one mission: to feed the homeless in San Diego. Since its launch, the organization has served over 132,000 meals! Founder Michael Johnson described the organization’s aim as one seeking to teach gratitude and empathy to the community while extending generosity.

The original Burrito Boyz group. (source)

The original Burrito Boyz group. (source)

Johnson told Huffington Post that their initiative is about “just bringing hope, dignity and respect to a community that gets very little of it. And by working with the community … it makes every person that comes and volunteers with us, a little more appreciative of what they have.”

Since 2010, the organization has expanded to include many more interested volunteers. (source)

Since 2010, the organization has expanded to include many more interested volunteers. (source)

The group also provides San Diego’s large homeless population with feminine hygiene products, other toiletries, snacks for young children, and a resource guide for programs that focus on people in need.

The participants in the process receive just as much benefit as the people they help. Johnson is appreciative of the meaningful connections that are made and the important dialogue that is had. People who had once been on the receiving end of the organization’s good deeds have even come back to help others.

As Johnson says, “[Serving] the burrito is like when you have guests over to your house for a meal ― that’s how you start relationships. The meal allows the relationships to happen.”

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