Burn Victim Uses YouTube to Inspire Others (Video)

Shalom Blac spreads self love through makeup tutorials

At age 9, Shalom Blac’s life was changed forever when she suffered severe burns to her face, head, and neck as a result of a frying-pan oil accident. The incident left Blac permanently scared, but instead of hiding away, she is using her story and her makeup skills to help others.

In the midst of crazy beauty trends like overcountouring and strobing, many beauty gurus are using their power and following for good and to promote self-love and acceptance; two You Tubers, Shalom Blac and Yunnie Rose collaborated on the video called “The Power of Makeup”.

It is an ongoing trend circulating throughout the beauty videos of YouTube and is meant to proclaim self-love. Making up half of the face in the videos clearly shows the difference between the natural and made up faces that a person can have, but more importantly, shows that one can love themselves with makeup or not.

In the video, Blac shares that she would cake concealer on her face in middle school to hide her scars, but as she has grown, she grew to love and accept herself, as well as what happened when she was a young girl. In one of the most powerful statements from the inspirational video, Blac says, “Makeup is not the reason I’m happy, I’m happy because I love myself.” The video on Yunnie Rose’s channel has over 3,000 views while Shalom Blac’s has garnered over 535,000 views.

The Nigerian born beauty currently resides in Maryland and has 23,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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