“Blk Girl Soldier” by Jamila Woods Made This Man Recognize The Amazingness That Is Woman

Women have alwas risen to the task of changing the world.

Jamila Woods

Andre Spivey

Andre has over 10 years of experience in Tech and Start-ups ranging from the advanced tech in the US Air Force to building his own educational software company Live 2 Learn Differently. His is a proud graduate of Morris Brown College and Cornell University.

Throughout the year we are often taught the deeds of great men. Over and over again we discuss how men such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and more have changed the course of history and civil rights.  When we mention women, we typically mention Rosa Parks in the mainstream, ignoring hundreds, thousands of women that led and propelled human rights forward and still do to this day. We’ve heard countless men rap and sing about Jordan, Lebron, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and more, but not enough women sing or rap about the greatness of Serena Williams or Assata Shakur, or Harriet Tubman.

We are seeing a change in that as women and girls begin to recognize the greatness within themselves and each other. As a man, I believe that this is a great thing for the women that I know, respect, and love, and a great the thing for our sons.

Women oftentimes are able to see amazing things in each other that we as men don’t immediately recognize (or at least not as often as we should).  This song essentially said to me “Sir, you better recognize!”

The truth is nobody sees your inner greatness exactly how you see it, but nobody can see it at all if you don’t see it first.  The song “Blk Girl Soldier” by Chicago artist Jamila Woods is picking up steam and is a great illustration of women recognizing women, and as a man it made me take note and recognize it myself. Check out the song below:


Image via JamilaWoodsWrites.com

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