Are Black Folks Coddling White Folks Fears?

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From Reconstruction to Civil Rights down to the Reagan Era, Clinton prison sentences and the Bush’s lack of ‘giving a damb’ about Black people, we’ve been letting too much slide and be swept under a rug.


Now that we’re facing a Trump presidency, we’re not sure what we’re in for since he doesn’t seem to have an allegiance to anyone but himself. But what we do know for sure is that until Black Lives Matter, Latinos, Muslims, Native-Americans, Asian-Americans and any immigrant ethnic group won’t matter to the Alt-White.


One writer, Anthony J. Williams, says we need to stop caring about “alienating” white folks and start keeping it real.


He shares, “My life exponentially improved when I recognized that I’ve been tiptoeing around white feelings and apologizing for whiteness my whole life. Yours might too.”


Williams suggests, “If holding white people accountable for the harm they inflict “alienates” white people, then so be it. If calling out the harmful behaviors of anyone means that they’re gonna take their ball and go home, we probably don’t want to be playing with them in the first place.”


Thoughts that comes to mind when he explains this are things like banking black, supporting black businesses, taking back our education, especially within public school systems. But I like the way Anthony breaks it down:


If “Becky the Snowbunny” says “you’re really cute for a Black guy,” and you respond, “what do you mean for a Black guy,” and she gets defensive? That’s on Becky, not you. Becky might not understand implicit bias or interpersonal racism.


If “Chad the Chill Ally” keeps taking up too much space at a rally that is a part of the Movement for Black Lives and he tells you “hey, I don’t deserve this, I don’t even have to help you,” then he ain’t a real one. Maybe he needs to learn to listen to hear, not listen to respond.


If a “Bill the BernieBro” tells you that “Bernie marched with MLK, so you have to support him,” you can straight up tell him to fuck off. Bill might not understand that he has a white savior complex.


In other words: white people need to start being accomplices and stop looking for damn ally cookies. We need to stop inviting white people to the cookout for simply wearing a #BlackLivesMatter shirt. The bar we set for white and non-Black people of color “allies” is so low that we pat them on the back and applaud them for not using the n-word as if that is an achievement.


Has he hit the nail on the head? To read more of Anthony’s interest commentary, please check out this entire article on

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