Society Demoralizes Bill Cosby and Entertainment Career

Although Bill Cosby declares the sexual activity between him and the accused women was consensual and has never been charged, his entertainment life has suffered a dramatic loss. Speculation has been brought up regarding these women and their accusations against Cosby. Many were asked, “Why did they wait so long to come forward? Why didn’t they report the incident back then?” Their responses were simply, “I’m not sure who was going to believe me.” “I buried it, locked it up, moved on with my life,” and “Why would I lie?” This is not to say that since these women did not come forth initially, that it is no longer significant. Sexual assault and rape are serious allegations and should be treated as such. However, Cosby’s defenders assume these women are looking for a check or a come up. My question to these women now is what do they expect to happen? They have addressed their accuser and named him for what he was, however, there is still no physical evidence and proof; there is only word of mouth, as of now. These assertions have nearly destroyed the very career he has worked so hard to build during the 1980s. imagesCAZ1AN35

 Recently, Fordham University in New York City rescinded Cosby’s honorary degree, an action never done in 174 years. The Board of Trustees simultaneously agreed to revoke his degree, due to the dishonorable allegations made against him and the comments made in his deposition.

 “By his own admission, Mr. Cosby engaged in behaviors that go entirely against our university’s mission and the guiding values we have worked so hard to instill on our campus,” Fordham issued in a statement, according to the Huffington Post. Cosby admitted in a sworn deposition that he obtained drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. While Cosby admitted that he acquired seven prescriptions of Quaaludes, he has not admitted to drugging any of the accused. Earlier this year, Spelman College decided to discontinue their professorship with Cosby after recent details emerged of his testimony— although he donated $20 million in 1988. The program was instituted in the name of Cosby and his wife, Camille to bring positive attention and scholars to campus. New York University has removed his name from their Future Filmmakers Workshops. According to the Associated Press, Central State University, Marquette University and Temple University have also decided to part ways with Cosby, due to these allegations. Cosby’s entertainment career has fallen through the cracks as well as reruns of “The Cosby Show” being pulled from the airwaves, and other projects and tour dates tossed out as well. A&E released a nationally televised segment with the victimized women, allowing them to describe in detail what Cosby allegedly did to them. It’s a shame that society is trying to strip him of his many triumphs that helped shape African Americans in television. No one can take away that fact that Cosby is a great comedian, writer, director, and producer. No one can take away the fact that he introduced America to the first middle class, African American family show on television, The Cosby Show. He transformed television and because of him we have A Different World, Family Matters and Blackish to reflect on.


Jared Fogle; Josh Dougar

People make mistakes and should be penalized for them. However, why do we have to ridicule or de-idolize someone in the process? Jared Fogle, known for his famous Subway commercials knows nothing of this struggle considering his recent dealings with the law. He pled guilty to child pornography charges and willingly paying for sex from minors. The media has not given this case as much publicity as Cosby has received.Josh Dougar of the show, 19 and Counting was charged with child molestation when he was a teen but never came out until 2006. These stories came and went. Neither received a national televised segment to explain his accusations and he was involved with children! Does this mean society cares more about women than our young children? Are Fogle and Dougar’s cases less important because they are not big public figure as Cosby? Or simply put, is Cosby the perfect scapegoat to globalize on and castigate African Americans in the public eye? The indignity that we face is inexcusable going back to Michael Vick and O.J. Simpson. There is a major double standard with media slowing the process of racial healing. African Americans can be model citizens and role models without the media and society deriding them of their endeavors for their mistakes in life.

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