Beyonce’, Bruno Mars & Chance The Rapper Dominate at the 2017 Grammy Awards

"Queen Bey" Hailed her Throne, Bruno Mars paid Tribute to Prince and Chance the Rapper took us to Church

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The 2017 Grammy Awards got off to a rough start. For starters, the host was unknown to many.  Apparently, he’s The Late Show, James Corden of car karaoke.


For the most part, the Grammy’s didn’t get their steam until Queen Bey took the stage in full regality glowing with a belly full of twins.  Bey’s performance was stunningly breathtaking given she was unable to give us the full stop of dance action she normally slays with.


Somehow, she was still able to captivate the audience leaving everyone speechless and in awe as she performed “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” from the Lemonade album.


But in full retaliation, many on social media had racist knee-jerk reactions to her taking a full stand for Black Beauty. From accusing her of being narcissistic to even acting ‘as if’ she’s the only one in the world to have been with child.


World Stop.


If these blind racists would only take a moment to appreciate art and meaning, maybe they would understand this was an artistic stand for Women in a world of Patriarchy. Note President “Agent Orange”. Thanks Busta Rhymes.


It was a moment to affirm the Power of Femininity — all femininity as only a woman has the ability to populate the earth so that a man can have a legacy. But clueless racism keep people ignorant. But I digress… carry on.


In better news, we can finally lay our yearning for Prince to rest as Bruno Mars gave the Ultimate Artist his final due in a fitting tribute.


He performed “Let’s Go Crazy” with The Time and took us back in time to a day when ‘The Purple One’ graced us in the physical form tantalizing our senses with the way he would scream, do back-bending splits and finger that guitar like only Prince could. It was beautiful.


And last but not least at all, Chance The Rapper, shut-it-all-the-way-down and stayed true-to-form defying all the norms and the odds.  He’s an independent artist and according to Quartz, he became the first artist to win a Grammy without selling physical copies of his music—or selling much of his music at all, for that matter.


At only 23-years old, the rapper from Chicago has built a cult following that includes former President Barack Obama and has single-handedly built the new model for how to distribute music in a world of 100% digital downloads.


Not only that, he’s also built a reputation for remaining unsigned to any record label and for dropping his songs online for free. (He was the first to be nominated, too.)


The Quartz article cites, “His three wins (best new artist, best rap album, and best rap performance) wouldn’t have even been possible if the Grammy’s governing board hadn’t relaxed their rules last year to allow for the nomination of albums only released on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.”


He also kept God front-and-center in every thank you and reminded us all, ‘church’ is not always inside 4 walls of a building.  “This is for every indie artist!” Chance shouted jubilantly on the Grammy stage, after winning best rap album for his May 2016 gospel-infused hip hop mixtape Coloring Book.


Photo: ET Online

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