Be The Change You Want To See: Stevante Clark To Run For Mayor of Sacramento

Brother of Stephon Clark who was killed by Sacramento police earlier this year plans to run for Mayor in 2020

Maybe you remember seeing #StephonClark on one of your timelines earlier this year. You know, the 22 -year-old man killed in his grandparent’s backyard while holding a cellphone. It’s hard to keep up with all the lives lost over everyday objects… like a cell phone or skittles but, another soapbox for another day.

Clark’s older brother, Stevante Clark filed paperwork to open two finance committees with the California Secretary of State, one for a 2020 mayoral bid, according to the Sacramento Bee. The Sacramento native has publicly condemned the city, the police department and even current mayor Darrell Steinberg.

While waiting for word from District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert on pressing charges against the two cops who killed Stephon Clark, Stevante Clark says:

“I don’t have the most experience, I’m not the smartest guy. At the same time, I’m from the city of Sacramento and if there’s anybody who’s going to listen to the people of Sacramento and who knows the problems of Sacramento, it’s me. Even though I did decide to run for mayor after the death of my brother, I’m not making this about me in retribution and revenge.”

A voice for his community, Clark told the Sacramento Bee he plans to improve the lives of those in “underdeveloped communities” in Sacramento. As well as, opening resource centers throughout South Sacramento in his brother’s name offering job training, mentoring programs, childcare, recreational opportunities, and mental health therapists. With a number of mental health hospitalizations since his brother’s death, Clark is an adamant mental health advocate, telling the Bee: “Mental health is one of the biggest things I want to combat.”

Along with providing adequate resources and opportunities to his community, Clark plans to focus on police reform. Under the Clark Family Act, Stevante plans to propose department mandated training for their use of force, community outreach and the hiring or more officers of color familiar with the neighborhoods they police.

All admirable and necessary plans to help foster and erect change in his community; Clark tells the Bee if he loses his mayoral bid he plans to move out of California.

We hope to see the action behind the words in Clarks run for Mayor just as we saw with Lucy McBath in Georgia whose son was also fatally shot by a police officer. McBath secured her seat in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. #StevanteClark4Sacramento has a nice ring to it.

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