Ayanna Pressley wins Democratic Primary in Massachusetts over House Veteran

The Boston City Councilor is the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress

What do you say to the young black, female politician who now holds the same congressional seat as late former president John F. Kennedy? Congratulations would be a great start! Ayanna Pressley, the first black woman to hold a Democratic congressional seat in Massachusetts claimed her place Tuesday against the 10-term Democratic incumbent, Michael Capuano.

The Chicago-raised Councilor had a 17 point win over the congressional veteran while campaigning on a platform to impeach President DJT and implement activism and generational change. The 44-year-old politician is solidifying the mark of progressives along with Andrew Gillum from Florida and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York.

“There are so many reasons why so many believed — and might still believe — I have no business standing at this podium,” she [Pressley] said at a Democratic Party event Wednesday. “Because this is a tribal, parochial place and this hasn’t always been my home. Or because of the statistical odds for those who come from the ZIP code that I was born into and the sort of family model that I grew up in.”

Pressley may not have the extensive experience her opponent Capuano has; but her life story and experience make her far more relatable, something voters are longing for.

“She talks in a way that shows me she really understands the systems of oppression that exist in our society in a way Capuano doesn’t,” said Sophie Gildesgame, 25, a voter from Capuano’s hometown of Somerville.

“She has just shown me that she knows how to be an advocate for people and an ally for people,” Gildesgame said. “Capuano has done a lot of good work, but he’s just not that kind of person. He doesn’t have those kind of experiences or those kinds of values.”

November looks promising for the Democratic candidate as she is currently running unopposed. Boston found itself celebrating numerous firsts this past Tuesday. Rachael Rollins became the first black woman to win a primary for district attorney. While Liz Miranda secured the race for state House of Representatives’ Fifth Suffolk District.

There is a new wave of politics, inclusion, and representation upon us. Echoing from the South in Georgia, to the West in San Francisco; Capitol Hill is hanging in the balance, but the waves will come crashing in soon enough.


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