Author’s Spotlight – Baje Fletcher

Just because you started the race last, doesn’t mean you have to finish that way.

Baje Fletcher, the last child of 10, was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in her parents’ native island, Jamaica. She lived a childhood of instability and even spent two years in the foster care system. In the span of those years she lived in eighteen different homes.

Despite her unstable living environment and having attended eighteen homes and attending eight different high schools, she still managed to earn her high school diploma and enroll in college at age sixteen.

Sometimes all you need is a dream to get started.

Excelling in the entertainment industry as a model & actress was always her dream. It was that vision that fueled her to pack her belongings in the trunk of her car and drive from Orlando, Florida to Hollywood, California. With Hollywood 25,000 miles away, she found herself sleeping on friend’s couches along the way during her five day voyage.

Once a seed is planted, you owe it to yourself to water it.

It was at the end of her journey that she met James Cannon (now one of her Mentors). She shared with Cannon her desire to pursue a career in modeling and acting, to which he replied, “Sweetie, you’re beautiful and I’m sure you’re talented, but thousands of people move here everyday to pursue the same thing. Have you ever thought about something else as a backup… like writing?” At that moment a light bulb went off in her head as she remembered the idea of a book she’s had been holding on to in her mind for about a year at the time. The seed had been planted; Baje not only completed the bulk of the book in two weeks, but also launched Glitz and Glamour Publishing, ultimately getting the book into Barnes and Noble Bookstores nationwide.

Don’t judge a book by the cover.

This book, which she cleverly named “A Gold GOAL Digger’s Guide – How to Get What You Want Without Giving It Up,” motivates women to go after their GOALs and lets them know that they don’t have to settle along the way. She encourages women to think outside the box and plan out their own lives in great detail so that they don’t fall into someone else’s plan. Most importantly, Baje lets women know that they are worth the good things that do come their way, because often times women subconsciously don’t think they are (whether because of childhood experiences, or as a result of being accustomed to mediocrity). 

Your talent lies not in what you see in yourself, but in what others see in you.

“A GOAL Digger’s Guide” has landed her on TV shows such as Dr. Phil and TRU TV’s “In Session”. Baje has also been interviewed on over 30 radio stations including The Tom Joyner Morning Show twice.

The book has opened other doors for her as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, conducting presentations at schools such as Howard University. She says that writing self help books and being able to change the life of other women has given her more fulfillment and purpose than a career in entertainment ever could. 

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