Atlanta Activists Call for a Ceasefire Amid Police Shootings

Activist & Author, Latisha Robb coordinated the rally which took place in front of the Georgia State Capitol

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Mable Thomas (D), Georgia House of Representatives

Activists from various organizations joined forces to urge concerned citizens to ceasefire and deliver a list of demands that can help move from “marching” to legislation with the “Unity Rally” that took place at Liberty Plaza in front of the Georgia State Capitol.

The rally was led by Activist & Author, Latisha Robb, the founder of “The Raw Onion, an organization that serves as an open forum designed to peel back the layers of concerns of minorities, particularly in the African American community.

She was joined by “Able Mable” Thomas (D), Georgia House of Representatives, Attorney and Activist Christine White, President of the Influencer Coalition and Jay Jackson, CEO/Publisher of  RYSE Media Group.

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Attorney and Activist Christine White, President of the Influencer Coalition

The “Unity Rally” presented itself as the answer for police, political leaders and protesters as a strategic arm of the national movement of Black Lives Matters calling for specific demands. Robb shared, “It’s important that as a people – a nation – we create a real plan to make progress. I see a need for direction and initiatives as the common theme amongst all protestors.

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Jay Jackson, Founder and CEO of RYSE Media Group.

Christine White of the Influencer Coalition spoke about the need for legislation and a dire need for demands to match that, along with clear organization. “Able Mable” Thomas urged protesters to not give up or give in but to continue the work. She also echoed Christine White’s sentiments to articulate through legislation to see eventual change.

Jay Jackson, of RYSE Multimedia pointed out a need for trusted relationships with Black media and made a pledge for his company to continue to be a voice to help change the negative narrative minorities accuse mainstream media of painting.

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