An All-Star Black Cast

Characters of the Movie Black Panther Have Officially Been Released


Since the release of the new Avengers film, ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ears have been ringing for fans waiting to hear the official lineup for fellow Avenger, Black Panther. The comic book superhero was introduced in Captain America as expert in combat from his warrior tribe in Africa. Because the character stems from Africa, and Marvel makes sure to be extremely diverse with their superheroes and villains, fans were excited to know what actors will be featured in this arising trilogy being released in 2018. Actor Chadwick Boseman plays Black Panther in Captain America and will continue his role throughout the series. Boseman is known for the main role in successful biopics, such as ‘42′, where he played baseball player Jackie Robinson, and Godfather of Soul, James Brown in ‘Get on Up.’

Through the continuum of the week, names were being released to let the rumors die. Marvel named rising star, Ryan Coogler, as the head director for the Black Panther film. Coogler also directed blockbuster hit ‘Creed,’ which earned numerous nominations.  His breakout movie ‘Fruitvale Station’ was recognized at multiple film festivals in 2013 before hitting the big screen later that year. It was officially announced that he will take his directing skills to Marvel for the next films. He’s brought along actor Michael B. Jordan, who were in both of ‘Coogler’s past films and has been an important figure in Hollywood since ‘Fruitvale Station.’ Also featured in the upcoming trilogy will be actress Lupita Nyong’o, known for her Academy Award winning role in movie ‘12 Years a Slave,’ who will play Boseman’s opposite in Black Panther. These are just few of the stars casted for the movie, but that is just exciting enough. The actors mentioned are fairly new to major motion pictures, but all have taken roles that will lead them to A-list movies in the near future. We are all waiting for the release of Black Panther and are anxious to see how Marvel accurately portrays the superhero.

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