Amy’s Place Offers Refuge To Recovering Drug And Alcohol Addicts [Video]

“We have a saying in recovery that the drink and drugs aren’t our problem, it’s living life clean and sober.”

Five years ago, the world was reeling from the loss of Amy Winehouse to alcohol poisoning. Now, the Amy Winehouse Foundation – founded in her memory – is opening a new facility for women who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The facility is called Amy’s Place. After residents have completed a rehabilitation program for their drug and alcohol abuse, they can seek refuge as they transition into independent living. Amy’s Place will be historic because it is one of the only treatment facilities attempting to bridge the gap between women leaving rehabilitation programs and finding long-lasting accommodation. The facility hopes to help women stay on the sober path and therefore have a better chance at a healthy lifestyle.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation partnered with Centra Care and Support to bring Amy’s Place to fruition. Centra Care serves vulnerable groups like teen moms, domestic abuse survivors, and the elderly. Regional business manager for Centra Care and Support Michelle Davies reports, ““This innovative new recovery model will provide high quality support to help young women with a range of needs live independently after leaving residential facilities for drug and alcohol treatment.

“We want to empower young women to remain in control of their recovery by providing safe and secure homes, personalised services and a vibrant community that will build on their strengths, experiences and preferences.”

Inspired in part by the lack of recovery options for women, Amy’s Place can accommodate up to sixteen women. Women aged 18 to 30 are the target group. The facility hopes to devote a significant amount of attention to the needs of female addicts. With the use of a co-production model, the women will have a direct hand in their recovery path.

Residents will enroll in a 3-month program and receive temporary housing. The program encourages residents to engage in healthy practices like yoga and relapse prevention group therapy. Feedback from a London all-female rehab center contributed to the development of the Amy’s Place program.

Amy’s Place opens its doors on August 22nd.  Winehouse’s stepmother Jane Winehouse says optimistically, “Fresh starts are difficult to make, full of challenges. But at Amy’s Place, we will give young women the tools and support to help make this a reality.”

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