How Guns in America Affects Us All

Are their Uses Unnecessary or Necessary?

The second amendment in the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. However, throughout the years criminals have continuously violated the trust and maintenance of this right. We have to use firearms responsibly. Firearms have the power to pierce and kill in an instant if need be. Guns are unnecessary in all of these circumstances. Criminals are committing mass shootings more commonly and police departments across the country are also abusing this right. In addition to the abuse of weapons, guns can potentially fall in the hands of anyone. In consequence, this issue is destroying lives.

The requirements to buying a gun differs for each state. Generally, a buyer must have a license to own a firearm and has to be clear of any convicted felonies. For a background check the buyer must complete a federal 4473 form to assess if they are qualified. However, there are numerous people that have unregistered guns with the potential to harm another human being.

Democratic Representative John Lewis launched a sit-in last week to demand gun control. Regardless of the uproar they have caused, they have also gained the support of many. July 5th Congress will meet and there will be another sit-in.


President Barack Obama stated, “It is easier for you to buy a hand gun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable.” Critics perceive this analogy as extremely exaggerated, however it has truth. There are individuals who do not legally own guns. Not everyone gets a background check to have their identity analyzed. We must consider all sides of this cube.

Going into 2016, the Obama Administration established executive actions to prevent gun violence and help create safer environments. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requires for all sellers to have a license and conduct background checks to every buyer. According to ATF, those who fail in having a license to sell firearms will be prosecuted. They will spend up to five years in prison and face a $250,000 fine. The argument about gun control can be selfish and inconsiderate of all that have endured gun violence. Sarcastic views regarding gun control prevents us from attacking the underlying issue. According to the CDC,  in 2013 there were almost 34,000 deaths due to firearm injury in the United States.

States are now required to make record of all background checks. According to the National Instant Criminal Background System(NICS), states have increased the number of records made available by 70 percent. It’s extremely significant for states to keep a track record on the people who are registered, mental health reports, and the background checks.

In addition to every day criminals, law enforcement officers are causing deaths using guns every day. Police departments are condoning weapon abuse against unarmed citizens. We are always in fear of international terrorists getting ahold of automatic weapons, but can not solve our own domestic terrorism. The argument of filling out legal forms and completing the process through the law quickly becomes invalid in consideration of the disguised criminals with in the legal justice system.

Ultimately, we must prioritize innocent lives over possession of weapons. Rights being violated is a issue that comes second to Americans dying every day. Consideration and immediate action must supersede America’s love for guns. We should adjust gun control laws to the horrors occurring today for a better future.

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