Amazon to Compete With Youtube (Video)

Amazon Takes On YouTube And Netflix, Not Quite

Andre Spivey

Andre has over 10 years of experience in Tech and Start-ups ranging from the advanced tech in the US Air Force to building his own educational software company Live 2 Learn Differently. His is a proud graduate of Morris Brown College and Cornell University.

Major tech juggernaut Amazon has taken the bold step of competing with YouTube in the video space by launching it’s Amazon Video Direct service. Amazon began as a retail site mainly for shopping for books, but has since taken over online shopping and become the leader in cloud computing services.  It’s ability to master cloud computing has put it in a position to be able to host large amounts of information including videos.

Although Amazon Video Direct competes with YouTube, it is different as its payment is structured in the same way as it’s self-publishing program Kindle-Direct and it is catered toward professionals. They also have the requirement that videos or films be shot in HD, and have CC (closed caption) Another difference that rather than only being paid for advertising and clicks, you are also paid based on how long your video is streamed. Amazon Prime users will have access to your films. This program isn’t directed toward random people posting clips of cats, but rather those creating business tutorials,  how-to-videos and serious films. Signing up is fairly simple, and the dashboards nearly identical to signing up for there self-publishing Kindle-Direct program.  To spark interest, they are giving out a $1 million bonus to be shared among the top 110 titles monthly.  The competition among YouTube, Netflix and Amazon has quickly grown.

Check out more information in the Digital Boundaries video below:

Feature Image is from Amazon Video Direct




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