A Plunging Neckline? America’s Guilty Read

Kendall Jenner’s Plunging Neckline Makes Any Gust Of Wind The Enemy!

Kylie Jenner Dons A Bra Top & Sheer Skirt To ‘Paper Towns’ Screening!

Who Wears a Body-Con Dress to the Airport? Bella Thorne Does!

Kylie Jenner wearing a sheer skirt and bra top to "Paper Towns" premier.

Kylie Jenner wearing a sheer skirt and bra top to “Paper Towns” premier.

Admit it, you are probably guilty of being drawn in by an article with a title such as these at least once. Whether on line at the supermarket or searching the Internet for content, a catchy title about clothing coupled with a picture of a celebrity is bait for a reader looking for a quick easy read. Some may argue celebrity-clothing articles is not true journalism. Some may claim all are merely a waste of time created to entertain or criticize celebrities. Some may think reading about the latest celebrity fashion trends is their ideal way to spend free time. Who is to say what is the right or wrong stance?

Kendall Jenner is a Showstopper

Kendall Jenner spotted wearing a deep neckline blouse by paparazzi.

Whether you believe articles about the dress Jennifer Lawrence wore while walking down the streets of Los Angeles last Friday is worth the read or not, the issue runs deeper. Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight; followed, kept tabs on, and constantly conscious about their appearance. When articles are written ostracizing the importance of how low of a top or how odd of a color combination an outfit may be, this draws media attention to the celebrity and subjects them to judgment by the public eye. What may seem negligible in theory possessing celebrity status, is not exactly the attention one would want. Although it is arguable that many celebrities dress for the “shock value” in order to achieve headlines on the Internet and in gossip magazines, at the end of the day, we as a whole are criticizing.

Feeding into speculation is a part of human nature. When subjects such as comparative style choices and “Who Wore It Better” are at hand it is hard to not take interest in the conversation. However, what can be said about those that

Bella Thorne donning a body con dress at an airport.

Bella Thorne donning a body con dress at an airport.

devote themselves to the latest clothing malfunction or what designer’s clothes were worn over another? Caring only about what one person wears as opposed to what he or she has accomplished is something that has become a problem in Hollywood. The buzz surrounding fashion choices has led to celebrities being viewed as ethereal individuals as opposed to what they truly are: human.

As humans, we each have emotions and feelings. Some overlooked, some considered as worthy of discussing. Why is it that as the days go on it feels as if we are treating celebrities in the media as entities other than human? Why is it that we as a whole know more about what Lady Gaga has worn as opposed to the work she has done with the It Gets Better Project? The fact that some people can recall outfit choices over accomplishments is a startling fact that needs to be acknowledged. Coupled with the possible backlash of “hater” commentary from the general public that may evoke disheartening feelings from the celebrities in subject, tabloid fashion journalism may have more negative connotation than it leads on to have.


Nicki Minaj at the Billboard Music Awards 2014.

On the other hand however, articles such as “20 Celebrities That Totally Rock Short Shorts” easily fill the concept of short, easy to read articles for one to read on the go. There is no harm in picking up a magazine or clicking a link online and skimming whatever is written. Freedom of speech allows for articles such as these to be printed just as much as it allows for the print of the Wall Street Journal. Merely reading up on what is trending or looking at photos of Nicki Minaj’s appearances while waiting to pay for your groceries at the supermarket has become a normal tendency of most individuals. The act of participating is not the problem with the guilty pleasure; it is the act of acknowledging the downfalls of only caring about appearance that is the issue at hand.

Creating innovative, unique headlines that capture the reader’s attention is that job any journalist faces when creating articles. Captivating the reader with an interesting subject is what couples with this. Having interesting content is what sells. Easy reading material about content that is interesting sells even more. What is to be taken away from caring about the plunging neckline of Kendall Jenner is that she, as well as celebrities alike under constant scrutiny of the media and general public, are not just what they wear. Having interest in what celebrities do and wear is all and well, but reading up on articles about what he or she has done or accomplished can tell a lot more about the person.

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