9-Year-Old Girl Uses Her #BlackGirlMagic To Help Homeless Women [Video]

Her charity, Khloe Kares, provides homeless women with necessary hygiene implements.

Khloe Kares

At only nine years old, Khloe Thompson decided to take action to help homeless women in her community. She was concerned by the number of homeless people she saw in her home of South Carolina. Dissatisfied with her mother’s explanations of how these women lost their homes, Khloe took matters into her own hands and took action to help these women.

Khloe Kares

Khloe hands the bags to women she sees and explains to them what’s inside. (source)

With the help of her grandmother she launched Khloe Kares. The charity provides homeless women with hand sewn cloth bags filled with hygiene necessities like soap, toothpaste, and tampons. The bags are reusable, allowing women to keep them long after they’ve utilized the hygiene products.

Khloe Kares

Khloe hands the bags to women she sees and explains to them what’s inside. (source)

Khloe is an example to us all: there is always something we can do to help people in need. It only takes one person to start a movement – and it doesn’t matter how old they are. In a interview with the Real talk show, she explained hopes for Khloe Kares to expand with toy drives and community potlucks. Watch the full interview below.

Support Khloe Kares here!

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