5 Ways to Find Time for Toning up for the Summer

With Your busy schedule its still possible to stay in shape

As we wrap up the end of this April, time becomes more limited than you could ever imagine. It’s as if every day meshes together leaving you with barely enough time to get in a few crunches. Making time might be one of the most difficult factors in trying to tone up those muscles or to shed pounds. Work has become your entire life, and the responsibilities are piling on top of each other. You barely even have time to remind yourself to drink 8 cups of water. 

Between the chaos you simply want to pause the month of April to hop on this colossal fitness wave. You are seeing fit men and women everywhere be it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter. The only thing holding you back is that one doubt that you don’t have enough time go to the gym or pick better food choices. Most of us are swimming in errands to run, documents to submit to your boss, and events to attend while wanting to exercise. If these people that you are running into on social media are finding time to make health and fitness a part of their lives then you can as well.

Below are 5 ways which you can push aside at least 30-45 minutes a day to work out or eat clean. 

    1. Wake up an hour earlier than usual. By pulling ourselves out of bed early in the morning, it opens the window to accomplish more. Working out first thing in the morning gives you that energy you need to jumpstart your day.
    2. Put reminders in your phone and abide by them. We may set alarms on our phones but do we really stick by them?
    3. Take a co-worker or friend with you. Take a co-worker after or before work, hit the showers, and get ready at the gym. Pushing towards your goals with a friend can be motivating and incredibly helpful.
    4. On your lunch break choose unprocessed options. Prepare your meals the night before with clean low sodium seasonings, include proteins and vegetables. By bringing your own homemade meals it won’t be tempting to grab fast unhealthy food.
    5. Keep a bottle of water in reach. If you finish one, make it a mission to finish another. Water works to cleanse our bodies of impurities by flushing toxics that we tend to consume. You The mind often confuses hunger with being thirsty. Drinking water maintains that balance between when you want to pop random food into your mouth, and nourishing thirst.






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