8 Important Weight Loss Tips From Flawless Fitness Instructor: Deliqua Isom

Deliqua - Flawless Fitness

Need weight loss tips? Want to know how to reach that seemingly unattainable weight loss goal? When it comes to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle, it’s more than just eating carrot sticks and spending 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Certified Personal Trainer, National Physique Committee Bikini Competitor and owner of Flawless Fitness, Deliqua Isom has a few tips to kick start your weight loss journey.

1. Mentally prepare yourself for the transformation.

Before beginning anything physical, prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for what’s to come. Let your self know that this is going to be a lifestyle, not just something that is temporary.

2. Get to know your body and what you would like to change; Be realistic.

Analyze what you would like to change about your body but be realistic about your goal. Keep in mind that everyone has a different body type, so using someone else’s goal is not realistic.

3. Decide whether you are fully committed.

Think about all the hard work and dedication this requires, know that it won’t be easy. Decide whether or not this is something you’re ready to fully commit.

4. Do your research on EVERYTHING.

Trainers, meal plans, workout routines, pills, teas, shakes, waist shapers, everything. Its important to research any and everything because there are a lot of “lose weight fast” items on the market that could jeopardize your health, if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

5. Develop a schedule.

Think about your day and what you have to do throughout it. Scheduling is key. Know when the best hours are for you to get a complete workout in. Pick a scheduled time for working out that best suits you, whether that be morning, afternoon or night.

6. Develop clean eating habits.

Developing a clean eating habit is probably the most important tip. You can workout everyday, but if you’re not eating right, you will see no results. Don’t go cold turkey and cut everything out all at once. Slowly incorporate healthy options in your meals. You don’t want to look at it as a short term diet—this change is long term.

7. Change up your exercising routine.

Don’t stick to just one routine. Switch it up, surprise your body. Sticking to the same routine doesn’t allow for different muscles to be trained.

8. Seek professional help if needed.

Don’t be afraid to use your research to find the proper trainer for yourself. If you don’t know how to start or you have simply reached a plateau, you may want to take it to the next level, reach out and find yourself a trainer.

Incorporating all of these useful tips, sticking to them and incorporating patience will surely give you noticeable results. It will give you motivation you to keep going. Have confidence in yourself and know that you can achieve your goals if you put forth the hard work and discipline.

Focus on your mind, body and soul. Positive thoughts equal positive results.


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