Tinder’s New Feature “Swipe The Vote” Takes Hooking Up to a Political Level

Swipe left or right on your favorite politician.

Adriana Lozano

Adriana Lozano

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Adriana Lozano

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media platforms that you can tune into for the latest news on the presidential campaign. Tinder has now added a feature called “Swipe The Vote” that enables users to match to a candidate by swiping left or right on trending political issues such as same-sex marriage or abortion. The app collaborated with the nonprofit Rock the Votean organization dedicated to getting people more involved with campaigns and exercising their right to vote.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Sarah Audelo, political and field director at Rock the Vote, said:

“Many millennials are engaging in the political process for the first time, and they’ll be playing a big role in deciding this election”.

During your Swipe The Vote experience, you will be asked to swipe left for no or right for yes through a questionnaire of 10 trendy political issues. At the end of the issue questions, the app matches users with a candidate. Issue questions will range from “Abolish the death penalty?” to “Legalize marijuana?” or “Repeal “Obamacare”?”

source via viral specials.com

source via viral specials.com

Once you get through all 10 questions, you will be matched with the presidential candidate that obtains the same stance on the issues. The app also allows those to register for voting after being matched.


The inspiration behind the new feature came from users who were misusing the app to promote their choice of candidate rather than using the app for its hooking up purposes. Although most profiles were banned for messaging their matches with propaganda like “Feel the Bern”, the company took the idea of using their app for political endorsement into consideration and soon developed the feature.



source via mashable.com

Tinder CEO Sean Rad told BuzzFeed News:

“The credit for this goes to our users… there were a lot of unique ways people were using the app to campaign and advocate…. It’s about connecting you with people, even including a presidential candidate. There’s so much noise out there it’s hard to find which candidate matches your own views.”

So if you’re not so sure on which presidential candidate gets the pleasure of having your vote in November, maybe it’s time to download Tinder.

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