An Indisputable Voting Disaster: Arizona Voting Fraud Debacle Takes Center Stage In Political Sphere

The fact that only 60 polling places were made available for upwards of 800,000 voters is one of many egregious problems.

One of many voting locations where long lines persisted hours after polls closed.

After winning in Iowa, Nevada, and Massachusetts, great upset has arisen at what some refer to as Hilary Clinton’s fraud masterpiece in Arizona. Though Clinton called it a victory, thousands of voters were unable to fulfill their civic duties in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

The number of polling locations available to Arizona voters were reduced drastically, making it a real hassle for voters to make it to the polls: where 200 polling places were available in 2012 for roughly 300,000 voters, only 60 were made available this year for an estimated 800,000 voters. Maricopa County voters waited nearly five hours to cast their ballots, but all across the state roughly 20,000 voters vying for one of the 60 available locations.

One Arizona voter, Todd Johnson, said this of his experience attempting to vote:

“I was in one of those long lines — from 4 p.m. to just about 6:40.  As we stood, the line just got longer. I saw motivated voters, some with children, trying to fulfill their civic duties. The poll workers were exhausted. The line had been there since 5 in the a.m. and the line only grew in length.  My estimate is that if someone were to join before the 7 p.m. cutoff they were looking at a four-hour wait.  Call these county officials out!”

Another upset voter even went so far as to post a video online declaring what she believed to be outright voter fraud.

Maricopa County – which includes Phoenix, capital city of Arizona – Recorder Helen Purcell claimed that there was no bias in which polling locations were closed, despite the number of Latino areas left without polling places, though many such as Arizona Central columnist Elvia Diaz were not convinced. Purcell said, “”We looked at an area, and factored into that how many early ballots we usually get in that area and how many people normally vote at the polls. We didn’t look at it as legislative districts. We looked at the overall picture of our voters.”

Many major news networks considered the race closed just before the 7p.m deadline despite the fact that hundreds of voters were still waiting – and would wait for hours- before being able to cast their ballots. To add insult to injury, the Arizona Democratic Party is now investigating reports that Democratic voters were classified as “independent”, which would exclude them from being counted in the closed primary.  Even worse, the Associated Press reported that Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Durcey signed in a law that made it a “felony for anyone but a family member, roommate, caregiver, postal worker or elections official to collect early ballots,” just days before the vote, which made it difficult “for voter-outreach groups to collect and drop-off early ballots.”

In a response to this unbelievable display of voter fraud and suppression, more than 36,000 people had signed a White House petition on Tuesday asking the Obama administration to investigate the Democratic primaries in Arizona. The petition reads as follows:

“Petition to have the Obama Administration investigate the voter fraud and voter suppression on 3/22/2016 in ARIZONA. Numerous voters who switched from Independent to Democrat could not vote and were turned away or given provisional ballots which in turn were never counted. We the people of the United States of America find this act alarming and would like a complete investigation to uncover the violations that occurred during the Arizona voting on 3/22/2016 and prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.”

Today, the petition is reported to have reached over 100,000 online signatures, meaning that it has been placed on queue to receive an official response.

Though many are suspicious that this was a deliberate scheme plotted by Clinton and her campaign team, irrefutable proof of this is not yet available.

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