Timea Gaines Turns Potential Defeat Into Massive Victory, Honoring Women That Rock In SheROCKS Showcase

The cancer survivor never abandoned her dreams of bringing incredible women in the D.C area into the spotlight.

Timea Gaines, "sheROCKs"!

In 2015, Timea Gaines was beginning to hit her stride in work when she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  The owner of Love Life Media, a marketing and PR firm “created for the underdog, difference makers, atmosphere changers, and the inspirational motivators of today and tomorrow” according to their site, was somehow able to maintain her vision as she underwent chemotherapy.

Cancer Survivor Timea Gaines

Timea Gaines is a strong individual who didn’t let her stage two breast cancer diagnosis stop her from actualizing her goals. (source)

A major part of this was the development of SheROCKS, an event that honors women already established and business and the arts as well as talented women new to those fields. About SheROCKS, Gaines told Jet Magazine, “I thought about that business owner who was about to throw their business away because it’s failing or someone who isn’t getting the exposure they feel they should and even though chemo was hard, I knew if I was able to get through it then I could empower another woman.”

In her interview with Jet, Gaines defines “a woman that rocks” in the following way: “You have to be a woman of your word. If we say we’re going to support and empower women, let’s do it not just in words but in our actions. Support and sponsor because I really believe in pouring back into women-owned businesses. Let’s really run the world!”

Read the full interview and learn more about the SheROCKS event, which begins on March 26th in the District Architecture Center in D.C., here.

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