10 Black Celebrities Who Fearlessly – And Foolishly – “Stump For Trump”

Have these celebs sold their souls to a profit-mongering and politically inept devil?

For anyone keeping track of the headlines, it’s clear that Donald Trump is not the candidate to support if you are an ethnic minority. It’s hard to even begin to fathom that he has any genuine concern for black people, yet there are some black celebrities who are happy to brag about their tickets on the Trump express.

Here are ten black supporters of Trump who definitely need to reconsider their life choices:

Omarosa Manigult

Omarose and Trump

Omarosa thinks of Trump as mentor, friend, and father. (source)

After meeting Trump on his reality show The Apprentice in 2003 , Manigult has been an adamant Trump devotee. In an interview on the Steve Harvey Show, she claimed to “know him as a friend, as a mentor, as a father”. Conveniently, she neglected to speak about any of Trump’s racial wishes, for example banning Muslims from entering the country. As if her support isn’t perplexing enough, she’s recently defended violence against black people at Trump rallies.

Ben Carson

Carson becomes Trump supporter.

Ben Carson dropped his own candidacy and turned to supporting Trump. (source)

Former Doctor of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital announced in May 2015 that he would be running for the Republican nomination for the 2016 election. Though he reneged early this month on his own run, he publically announced his support for Trump at the end of a press conference earlier this month.

Stacey Dash

Stacy Dash shamelessly supports Trump.

Stacy Dash supported Mitt Romney before and is now supporting Donald Trump. (source)

On her blog, Dash provides Trump with a pseudo-defense for the behavior at his rally, claiming that he isn’t violent – he’s “street”. She goes on to claim that Trump “knows the game” and has garnered support because he doesn’t apologize. It might be worthy to note that Dash voted for Mitt Romney and has no regrets.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson

Diamond and Silk aren't shy about supporting Trump.

“Stump for Trump” believers Diamond and Silk rally the troops in North Carolina. (source)

Better known as “Diamond” and “Silk” on their YouTube channel The Viewer’s View, the pair predicts a landslide win for Trump. Strident supporters of the “Stump for Trump” philosophy, their website provides a guide for Trump converts to help them vote in closed Republican primaries.

Mike Tyson

Tyson and Trump, thick as thieves

Mike Tyson pictured with Republican candidate Donald Trump. (source)

Last October Tyson first made his support of Trump known, and despite the controversy surrounding Trump’s candidacy Tyson is still an avid supporter. Despite never having supported a candidate before, Tyson says of Trump, “He’s an underdog and no one likes the fact that he is winning. I know Trump. This is a good thing. Vote on Trump!”

Sheriff David A. Clarke

Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff Clarke frequently shares his opinion on Fox news. (source)

Frequently seen on Fox news, Sheriff Clarke encouraged supporters on Saturday, after the most recent and riotous Trump rally yet, “If the police need a hand, “step in” and “stand up” to the “goons” protesting him.” Clarke went on to say that people were “way out of bounds” to blame anything on Trump.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman talks politics.

Dennis Rodman was not shy about voicing his political leanings. (source)

In a tweet last summer, retired basketball player Dennis Rodman was not shy about his support of Trump. Suffice it to say that black twitter was equally vocal in response, though perhaps not nearly as supportive.

National Black Republican Association

NBRA chairman endorse Trump support.

Frances Rice, Chairwoman of the National Black Republican Association. (source)

Late this past January CNN reported that the black Republicans believed Trump to be the best candidate to “free black communities” from Democrats. They perceived Trump’s crass and abrasive nature to be just what black communities need to be freed from the grip of Democrats. Apparently, Trump also shares the values of the Black Republican Association.

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown supports Trump

Foxy Brown is making her way back into the spotlight and supporting Trump is on her to-do list. (source)

A former recluse, NY Daily News reports that Brown is coming out of the shadows and may be moving into the release of a tribute to Trump.  Though she claims to love Democratic candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, she’s blown away by Trump’s get-things-done attitude.


Chingy supports Trump

Chingy was happy to endorse Trump until he was hit with unsavory backlash. (source)

Chingy tweeted in late January that he had bought his ticket onto the Trump chain, then claimed he’d been taken out of context and retracted the endorsement. This video claims to clear it all up, but is he simply doing due diligence or trying to cover up the evidence?


Right now, Trump has over 600 delegates, leading by more than 200 for the Republican party. Is this a fluke, or did these celebrities actually put some thought into their political turnings?

Photo source: www.businessinsider.com

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