6 Small Ways To Change Your Day Without Changing Your Schedule

By Samantha Di Paolo


With the day-to- day hustle and bustle that comes with this beautiful thing called life, it can sometimes become difficult to add some excitement or newness to your everyday routine.

I know what your thinking… who has time for excitement? You have your pre-work work, you have your at work work, then you have the work that you need to finish that you didn’t finish at work, throw in some dinner and maybe a quick workout and the day is coming to an end.

Believe it or not adding these SMALL changes to your daily routine can make that leap from a mundane, stagnant day to one with a little bit more pizzazz.

1)   Take a different route to work. Sometimes just a small change of scenery can give you a completely different outlook on your day. If you have the opportunity to use a different method of transportation, walk, ride your bike or even just turn down different streets during the drive. You never know what you might see, it could be inspiring.

2)   Try a different coffee flavor. Okay I understand this is a tough one. We all have our favorites, that one go to coffee or iced latte that can make any rough morning seem like a day at the beach. But what if there is one that you like better or you’re missing out because its not part of the routine?

3)   Make a rule or goal of the day. The great thing about having a goal of the day is that it can be as small or as big as you want it to be and it could be involving any area of your life that you want it to. Maybe only checking your phone once an hour or making an effort to smile and say hello to someone you see everyday but never talk to. You never know what can happen from something as simple as a smile and you never know whom you may meet!

4)   Replace one of your regular recreational activities with another. If every day during your lunch break you check your social media sites, or watch an episode of your favorite television show, maybe it’s time to reach for a book or a magazine you’ve never read before. I love my episode of Modern Family as much as the next person but it feels nice to stretch your mind sometimes.

5)   Change your workout type. This could definitely be another tough but rewarding one. If you’re anything like me you have that one type of cardio, or that lift routine that makes you feel like you completed your gym routine for the day. But maybe by switching your half hour of running to learning a dance routine or going for a swim, you might be able to shake that feeling of obligation for a daily workout routine, to a small break from the everyday.

6)   Use a different color pen or a fun font. People always use the phrase “Add some color to your life” and they weren’t kidding. Something as small as writing things like your to-do list, or your notes from a meeting in a bright green when it’s raining out can make you instantly feel better. Now I’m not saying that you should email a future employer a note of green and purple font full of swirls and emojis, but where you have the room to be a little bit more adventurous, why not try it out?

Although all these small things seem like nothing in the grand scheme of a busy day, they can make a big difference in the feel of the day. One moment of somewhat exaggerated newness can spark several more inspired moments.

The good thing about all of these quick fixes is they are just that-- quick. They don’t take time out of your day and the worst that happens is you have to buy a second cup of coffee later on or switch back to your black pen.


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