5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day the Single Girl Way

Valentine Day, single woman

Look, you knew this day was coming so there’s no need in planning a self-pity party that could potentially lead to texting an ex or much worse, binging out on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s and back to back romcoms. Think about it, somehow you manage to go about every other day content and accepting of your solitary state, so why make this day any different? Ignore what these corporations are selling because Valentine’s Day can be about celebrating all kinds of love, and including your friendships, family, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself. So log out of your Netflix account, put the spoon down, and immerse yourself in positivity and adoration with the help of these tips:


  1. Make it a Galentine’s Day! All of these romantic couples and lovey-dovey Facebook posts are making you and your single friends miserable… so gather up and have a G.N.O. at that new trendy bar everyone is talking about. A little dancing and a few drinks later will have you realizing the single life isn’t that bad after all.
  1. Take a yoga class. This is the time to love yourself by making your health a priority. Take a challenging yoga class that will cleanse your mind, body, and soul. Not only will you feel better but you’ll also be amongst people who are on the same self-loving path as you are. You never know, you might encounter another single cutie, who is totally up for chatting over post-workout smoothies.
  1. Treat yourself! Invite some friends over and bake some of your favorite desserts smothered in delicious pink frosting and heart sprinkles. Not very big on the calorie overload? Opt for a homemade D.I.Y. pizza party with fresh organic toppings and gluten-free pizza dough. Because let’s get real, who doesn’t love pizza?
  1. Mother-daughter day! Celebrate love the best way by showing the one who loves you the most a fabulous time. Whether you take her out to her favorite brunch spot or spend the day relaxing in a luxurious spa retreat, you will remind her that all of those days of packing your school lunch and making sure you had plenty of clean undies were well appreciated.


  1. Invest and indulge in yourself! Buy yourself something pretty! Pick out a new floral scented candle for your bedroom or a pair of trendy heels that you’ve had in your online shopping cart for weeks. It could also be something as simple as getting your car washed or a manicure. Now is the time to splurge because yes, you, my single gal friend, do deserve to be spoiled as well!


Above all remember to value this precious time you have to yourself. Chances are you won’t be single forever, so use this precious time to focus on your personal goals and interests. Invest in your career and travel to Pinterest worthy destinations. Spend time with those that already love you for you. Dream big, work hard, and the right person will come naturally.


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