5 Ways to Manifest The Life You Want

Author of What You Don't Know About Your Soul Shares Simple Steps to Manifest Anything You Want


Manifesting is the materialization of things you know and believe to be true. Whether in theory or for tangible things. To be effective, you must have a “second nature” belief in what you desire.


This year, I’ve figuratively “walked on water” intentionally, especially since this summer, around my 37th birthday. Many Christians may be familiar with the term ‘walking on the water’ when Jesus requests for Peter to trust Him by denying human logic to step out onto the water to literally walk.


Let me explain…

I’ve specifically desired to host a female from Spain as a foreign exchange student in June of 2016, and in July of 2016 she arrived. Do you see how fast that happened? That’s manifestation, by the way.
My bonus daughter is exactly who I asked for all the way down to her zodiac sign and natural talents. Yes, you have to be specific. It’s not for the Creator as much as it is clarity for you.


I’ve also manifested new clients, new opportunities, a NEW HOUSE, and new exciting relationships are just a few things I’ve been intentional about and have brought things into manifestation by merely following these 5 basic rules below:


To manifest, I’ve come up with a simple outline for you to follow to get started on becoming a “manifester” of the things you desire.


1. Be Specific.  The universe isn’t emotional; it is direct. By being as specific as possible, you allow yourself to see it, and the materialization of the vision makes it possible and easier for the universe to bring it to you.


2. While in the vision, Stay There. Remember the smells and feelings of what that vision looks like. By practicing this, you are tuning into the frequency of abundance and attraction.


3. Be Expectant. Expect this to happen as if you know it without a shadow of a doubt. Prepare for this to be true now!


4. Receive. The timing is directly based on your faith and the amount it takes to receive that specific manifestation. Unwavering thoughts and belief help it materialize sooner. Be not concerned about the timing. Sometimes the timing is a part of your growth and eligibility to receive such a gift. The faith costs vary based on the blessing and the individual’s belief.


5. Repeat. Whether you believe or don’t, you ARE manifesting the life you have.


Thinking is your second nature, so what you are thinking about subconsciously? It is materializing daily.


Traffic, bad breaks, financial hardships, relationship issues, are all things materialized by what we subconsciously believe.


Start consciously training your subconscious to think as a co-creator.

Manifestation is your gift. You use it every day.  Once you learn how to use it correctly, the world is yours, and the universe will comply.



Latisha Robb is a speaker, ‘Soul Coach’ and the author of “Turn on the Lights (So You Can See)” a self-help losely based on her life of bad breaks and “What You Don’t Know About Your Soul”, a book that explores the concept of purpose, spirituality and the benefits of Universal Laws. To learn more about her or to purchase her books, please visit www.LatishaRobb.com.

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