5 Ways to Make this Summer the Best One Yet

Have fun in the sun and take advantage of all that summer has to offer!

Adriana Lozano

Adriana Lozano

Feature Writer at RYSE
Adriana Lozano is a creative type with a passion for writing, fashion, traveling and art (not necessarily in that order). She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English in hopes to become a published writer and author.
Adriana Lozano

Don’t make this another season where you slam yourself with work and responsibilities and make up excuses about you not having the time or the resources to have fun. Summer is a fun time to enjoy the warmer temperatures, wear less, go out more, and take advantage of everyone’s winter cabin fever by socializing and making memories. Make the decision today to turn it into your most fun summer yet!

Here is a list of summer fun activities that you must add to your social calendar these upcoming months:

1. Music Festival Season. Nothing screams summer more than enjoying refreshing drinks, bass heavy music, and a hyped up crowd full of people dancing under the sun. You can find a list of local music festivals here. Whether you’re into flower crowns and boho attire, head to toe neon, or cowboy boots and flannels, there’s sure to be a music festival near you that appeals to your preferred tastes.

2. Enjoy nature and embrace the outdoors. Look up local hiking trails and round ups few of your close buddies for a fun workout and fresh air. You can also ride your bike that you’ve had neglected all of these cold months and maybe consider joining a biking club for some much needed socializing. You can also go canoeing, pick flowers for a loved one, practice yoga in a park, go camping, pick strawberries, go fishing with your dad, go swimming… the list is endless! Plus, most of these options are free or very cheap. Who said you have to spend lots of money in order to have fun?

3. Plan a getaway! What’s summer without some sort of vacation for some much needed R&R. Plan a fun road trip with friends or family to a nearby city or beach. Sites like airbnb.com and Groupon make it affordable to find a nice humble abode to stay in at rates even cheaper than most hotels. If you’re looking into flying, sites like Skyscanner and Kayak help to find the cheapest and convenient flights.

4. Throwback to your childhood. Gather friends and family for a BBQ by the pool and set up fun games and activities that remind you of that fun carefree 5 year old you once were. You can go to your local dollar store and stock up on balloons for a intense water balloon fight. You can also find cheaper art supplies to make tie-dyed shirts, seashell necklaces, and quirky nail art in bright colors. I also recommend turning on the sprinklers for a fun chase of tag. You’re never too old to embrace summer in youthful ways!

5. Dating season. Have you been wanting to ask out that cutie you met at recently but having trouble trying to think of a fun date? Summer is a time to get to know new people and socialize! Give that person a call and take them out to the zoo. The monkeys throwing their food at each other and the otters splashing water everywhere will have your date laughing and instantly break the ice and make them more comfortable with you. I would also recommend taking your date to a romantic fireworks show, a tour of a local brewery, or go for ice-cream and sit on the outdoor patio and people watch together.


You’re welcome! Enjoy your summer!

Main photo source via homecaprice.com

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