5 Types of Haters and How to Identify Them

Two weeks ago, Kanye West headlined the prestigious Glastonbury music festival despite an online petition for him not to headline that reached over 10,000 signatures. Later that night, he delivered an earth-shattering performance, even after being interrupted by British comedian Lee Nelson, who ran on stage during his third song, "Black Skinheads," in an attempt to deter the individual who is arguably already the most hated-on artist in the world. Thankfully, Kanye was able to keep his cool and continue what critics the following day would call nothing short of an epic performance--a performance that included an unforgettable rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," as well as countless other rare moments.

So how does he do it? As Kanye himself once put it on the Graduation album, "How he move in a room full of no's?"  I'm going to rephrase that: How he RYSE in a room full of lies? Being able to identify hate when you see it surely helps. Having a game plan means staying true. Here are five types of haters, their everyday examples and how to manage them:

 The Funny Guy


Haters love jokes, and I'm not talking about quality ones. Jokes are supposed to entertain. Ever know someone who uses the phrase 'I'm just joking' as a weak excuse to say things they lack the courage to tell you in confidence? There's truth in every joke. Deliberately attempting to hurt the feelings of others isn't all that funny, unless you're, you know, a coward...

Example: Preying on someone's insecurities but in a seemingly lighthearted fashion

How to handle: check your emotions. Remind yourself that the hater only wishes to get a RYSE out of you. Don't give in. The RYSE they desire can only come from within!

The Facetious Faith-Tester


This type of hater is always trying to dissuade you from belief. He goes by many names. He may call himself a 'realist,' or even a truth seeker, but one thing's for sure: he foolishly believes he knows more than you about everything deemed worth knowing. Misery loves company, and it's likely that this type of hater is low-key miserable. It seems that the know-it-all type is an expert on everything under the sun except their real, authentic selves and actual emotions.

Example: asserts their opinion as if it’s fact, constantly gives unsolicited advice

How to combat: These types of haters are especially valuable. They're constant, faith-testing ways only exist to strengthen your own, personal faith. Listen. Share ideas with them. Don’t let them be your downfall. You may find that they make excellent friends/allies/teachers in the long run...

 He Who Hates in Earnest


Although the approach of this type of hater differs from the first two in that he is a bit more honest, he is a coward nonetheless. Without bothering to disguise his weak-hearted attempts at derailing others, he's quick to try and delegitimize almost every positive thing said or done. At times he'll play The Jokester, except he'll forge no attempt at being lighthearted about it.

Example: "You're volunteering at an animal hospital?! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What skills do you have to bring to an animal hospital?"

How to combat: Pay as little mind as possible but keep close. It can be detrimental to pretend that the haters don't exist. You can't avoid it. Be honest with yourself and how you feel without giving too much power to fleeting impulses/states of mind.

 The Well Wisher/Phony Do-Gooder


The confusion is real with this type of hater.  They often believe themselves to be exceptionally selfless and will remark how they receive little to nothing in return for their noble acts of grace. However, there is one major issue with this line of thinking: the world doesn't owe you sh*t! You're supposed to do good because you feel like it, not to reap some sort of reward. Ancient wisdom warns us to be weary of those who don't show love to themselves before extending it to others. You would find it suspicious if someone who wasn't wearing a shirt offered you one, wouldn't you? Doing good works best without many ulterior motives.

Example: The world is sad. My family helps so many people and gets nothing in return.

How to combat: Focus. Show love and support. Try and understand where the individual is coming from.

 He Who Hates From a Distance



These haters are actually your biggest fans. They'll probably never admit it, but they admire you deeply. It's a shame you'll probably never see or hear from them. It's likely that this type of hater, like The Well Wisher/Phony Do-Gooder, has yet to come to grips with the hold that hatred has taken on their hearts and is in somewhat of a denial.

Example: go to the YouTube comment section of any song/music video you can think of.

 How to combat: Just live life!


Hate exists within us all and has the potential to take hold if we let it, but if you wish to never encounter opposition of any sort, there are three ways according to Aristotle : say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

Now go be all you can be!


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