5 Things You Can Do That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

By: Jessica Kirby

It’s no secret that work is, well, a lot of work. With adulthood comes a lot of stress from lots of different areas. The pressure to succeed and do well at work, paying bills, finding and maintaining healthy relationships, being in shape, deadlines and just keeping up with the day-to-day can be exhausting. Sometimes, when it all becomes just a little too much for us to handle, we need a slight break from reality. A moment or two to step back and be present in a time when life was simpler, more carefree and we had far less responsibilities. Sometimes we all need a moment to feel like a little kid again.

  1. Color. To me, there’s really nothing more therapeutic than coloring. You’ll do wonders for you mind (and your sanity) if you stop at Target and pick rolling_rainbow_crayonsup a Disney coloring book and a brand new box of Crayola crayons (not the crappy Rose-Art ones though…they’ll probably stress you out more.)
    The thing about coloring is that there’s nothing to think about, especially if you focus on trying not to color outside of the lines! But there are no rules to coloring; you can make Cinderella’s dress green or Buzz Lightyear’s suit pink if that’s what you fancy. If you want to color outside the lines, do it! No one is going to stop you and it might even make you feel good to do a little “freestyle.” Coloring is actually a huge form of stress relief and is a great way to wind down after a busy day or a long week. Plus, you get the added bonus of seeing the completed product when you’re all done and admiring all your work.
  1. Play a board game. Go find that ancient version of Monopoly and dust the cobwebs off because this is a sure-fire way to feel like you’re back in SpilSituationKomprimeret (1)elementary school. Chances are if you lay down on your stomach on a nice, cozy carpet and break out those games you haven’t played since you were a kid, it will bring you back to the days of pausing to eat dinner and getting yelled at because all the pieces didn’t make it into the box again. Find some friends and organize a little game night and tell everyone to bring their favorite childhood board game, serve some “adult drinks” and voila! You have a game night that’s bound to take you back in time and make you feel about 25 years younger. Bonus points if you can get your childhood friends to partake in this time hopping extravaganza!
  1. Eat a box of Macaroni and Cheese. Anyone who was born in the last 65 years is probably very familiar with the famed blue box and the yellowy-kraftorange macaroni that comes out of it. There’s something about Mac and Cheese that just screams comfort food and no matter how old you get, you’re never really too old for a few servings of it, or an entire box. I guess that really depends on what kind of day you’ve had! I remember getting excited when I heard my mom shaking the box or pouring the noodles into the pot of boiling water. Then when I would sit down at that table with my special bowl just for Mac and cheese, to find that it was actually Scooby-Doo shaped, my excitement went through the roof.
  1. Catch the ice cream man. Have you ever thought about how ridiculous the concept of the ice cream man is? A usually old man drives down the streets in a big white truck, playing music and tons and tons of little kids flock to his truck and chase him down the street to buy ice cream, all the ice cream truckwhile frantically waving money in the air and screaming “Stop!!” It’s a strange phenomenon. But let me tell you, the first time you catch yourself standing on line outside that truck, as an adult, you’ll feel like absolutely no time has passed. It’s something that never really changes, just because people grow older doesn’t mean they don’t like a little soft serve or a SpongeBob ice cream bar every once in a while. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get excited when they hear the generic ice cream man jingle from a few blocks over. It’s just less and les expected that grown, mature adults are going to go and chase down the ice-cream man. But at the end of the day, some things never change.
  1. Go for a bike ride. I recently bought myself a new bike. At first I thought it would just be something fun to do every once in a while. I wasn’t really bikessure how much I would actually use it, but I bit the bullet anyway since I had a hankering to go for a bike ride. After a little bit of a wild goose chase to find the perfect bike, I ended up purchasing a teal, hybrid Schwinn bike from a local bike shop and I couldn’t be happier. I was so excited bringing it home and then once I saw it sitting in my driveway, I was absolutely terrified to ride it! It took me long enough to learn how to ride a bike the first time, I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I hadn’t ridden one in probably seven years. We’ve all heard the cliché that you never forget how to ride a bike… no matter how long you’ve been off it. However, in my head I was bound to be one person that sits on this brand new bike and topples over, scraping up every inch of my leg and probably breaking a bone somewhere. After a few minutes of coaxing, my boyfriend gave me a little push into the street and in that moment I felt all nine years (yes, I was nine when I learned to ride a bike) of panic set in. I had flashbacks of my dad pushing me and promising he wouldn’t let go, lots of tears and lots of scrapes. And then all of a sudden, I was down the block and I was nine years old again.

There’s something about riding a bike that takes you back in time to the days when you didn’t have a care in the world. Jobs, bills and real life seemed like something you’d never have to deal with. There were no schedules to stick to, no meetings to attend or tasks to accomplish—life was all about being carefree. Let me tell you, those feelings all come rushing back when you’re racing down the street, feeling the breeze on your face and watching as the world glides by. Not to mention the blast of nostalgia you feel when you ride past a sprinkler and get a little mist on your face. Not only is bike riding a great way to unwind, but it’s also the perfect way to get in some great cardio on the weekend or even after a long workday. Plus, all those calories you burn really help to balance out the two margaritas you so happily sip on during happy hour after a look week of work!

And there you have it, five ways to instantly make yourself feel like a little kid again! Although you probably aren’t going to shrink down ten sizes and have the mindset of a toddler again, these things are bound to make you feel a little younger and give you back some of that carefree attitude we all had as kids. The thing is, in the non-stop society that we live in today, it’s okay to need a break. It’s okay to check out for a few hours and just relax and relish in the days when life was easier, more exciting and not quite as stressful. A little bit of lighthearted fun never hurt anyone anyway!


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