5 Facts You Didn’t Know About New Jack City

New Jack City Still

25 years ago an amazing American classic film was made that introduced us to "Reaganomics" in it's purist form; that film was "New Jack City". Let's examine some interesting facts that most don't know about the movie:

First, "New Jack City" was a gritty and honest street film written by Barry Michael Cooper about the height of the crack epidemic during the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s interesting that during a time in which the late First Lady Nancy Reagan spent much of her time and influence to create a wonderful and strong “Just Say No” campaign to address increasing drug usage, addiction, and violence throughout America, her husband then President Ronald Reagan through Col. Oliver North was embroiled in deals with organizations that specialized in the sales of drugs and weapons. There’s irony in it, and "New Jack City" show’s its effects from the street level perspective.

The movie of course hits you like a brick: it shows how large decisions, made at the highest levels of corporations and governments, can change the landscapes and communities of millions under the umbrella of those decisions.

The man whom was tasked to write this story grew in Harlem witnessing his community change first-hand, which is why the story is so gritty.  Interestingly enough, some of the most important parts were slated for actors we would now not have expected. Below are 5 facts about the film and it’s making that most people don’t know.

1. Vivica Fox was actually slated to play Keisha.

That’s right imagine Vivica with that famous line, “Rocabye-baby!”. She couldn’t do the part at the time because she was busy filming the soap opera “Generations”.

2. Chris Rock was not the original Pookie.

In fact his audition wasn’t great, and Martin Lawrence came in a killed the part. Unfortunately, after his mentor Robin Harris’s death he pulled out of the movie.

3. The writer went on to write other amazing films.

Some of those films include “Above the Rim” and “Sugar Hill” (which also starred Wesley Snipes).

4. The original Scotty, the classic part that Ice-T became famous for, was original slated for Michael Wright.

Yep, old Eddie King ("The Five Heartbeats"), but he decided not to take the part.

5. The click C.M.B. aka Cash Money Brothers is also the writer.

Barry Michael Cooper’s initials backwards; how’s that for giving yourself props on the low!




If you’re interested in learning even more information or for a more in-depth interview with the writer of "New Jack City", check out this article.


Image via alishawritinglife.wordpress.com



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