3 Reasons Black Beauty Gurus on YouTube are So Important

Black beauty gurus and the vital role they play on YouTube.

Black Youtube Beauty Gurus

For the past eleven years, YouTube has been used as a website for millions of users to reach others around the world through video. Within this online world came a sea of beauty and lifestyle “gurus” offering insight on any and everything hair, make up and fashion. However, from this large community emerged a smaller, yet powerful, community of black gurus that catered to and represented girls and women of color. Here are three simple reasons why black beauty gurus in YouTube are so important.


  1. They Represent Black Girls and Women Around the World

Representation always matters. In a time where black girls and women do not get to see women that look like them in the media very often, every platform matters. YouTube has turned into a website that millions of girls use to find advice, tips and tricks on the latest trends in the beauty and fashions world and it is only right that black girls have women to follow that have the same features as them.


  1. They Show Black Girls How to Love Themselves and Embrace Their Features

Black gurus show girls the versatility in being black. Many girls have often complained about not knowing what to do with their hair, not knowing what make up brand best suits their skin color and not knowing how to find clothes for their body type. What makes black YouTubers so great is how they show these girls the unlimited options that come with their skin tone, curl pattern and body type.


  1. They Use Their Channels as a Platform for Empowerment

Overall, through beauty and lifestyle video, these women are using YouTube as a way to inspire and uplift millions of black users around the world. They use their videos to empower each other and their subscribers in a way that we should all take note of and continue to encourage.

Here are some YouTubers for you to subscribe to (click their names to check out their channels!):

Jayla Koriyan                                         

Focus on hair, make-up, fashion, and weekly vlogs

Focuses on hair, make-up, fashion, and weekly vlogs








Alyssa Forever

Focuses on make-up, hair and DIY tutorials

Focuses on make-up, hair and DIY tutorials

Ms Aaliyah Jay

Focus on hair, make-up, vlogs and hilarious story time videos

Focuses on hair, make-up, vlogs and hilarious story time videos


Focus on natural hair and DIY tutorials

Focuses on natural hair and DIY tutorials

Patricia Bright

Focus on hair and make-up

Focuses on hair and make-up

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