12 Women Who Are On The RYSE In Atlanta

RYSE takes a moment to spotlight a few women who are rising in their respective professions


Monica Coleman

Creativity Unleashed With M320’s Monica Coleman

Monica Coleman is the President of M320 Consulting, an Atlanta-based full-service brand strategy firm that works with several companies including Pepsi, Home Depot, and Funk Fest Concerts.Monica Coleman

On Success Being a Team Effort –  When it comes to success, one would believe that Monica would be proud of her growth and the development of her company.  However, She states, “I really care about my staff and the opportunities that I can create for them. My hope is that those are the opportunities that are allowing them to grow professionally.” Monica explains “I push them to learn and to develop skills that they may not have had before they came to the company.”

That selfless attitude has allowed Coleman to invest time not only into her clients but also her staff. “Success for me is internally seeing the development of my team. When that happens, my clients can feel like M320 is an invaluable resource to them.”


On Pushing Past Barriers – Coleman believes that many people are afraid of taking that leap of faith to become an entrepreneur, including herself and for several years she found it difficult to fully commit to her business because of that fear.

She admits, “The biggest barrier that I faced was really just making the decision to commit to being an entrepreneur fully.”

She believes that when you are mentally on the fence about something it affects the commitment one has to push forward through all odds. Monica’s 3-year-old daughter pushed her towards her dream, along with the fact that she was completely miserable working her corporate job that had her questioning her talents and dreams, for at one point she thought she was no good at marketing.

After realizing that the barriers that people have aren’t real and that a lot of them are mental and made up, Coleman decided to “commit to my business fully regardless of what may or may not go right and accept that if it was God’s plan for me everything would work out, and it has.”


On Surviving the “test” of time – When asked what almost broke her in the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur, Monica wasted no time and was completely honest in saying “I almost broke me. I almost broke me with not believing in myself and in my own abilities in the things that God had put in front of me and was showing me.”  Monica believes that the mental prisons that we often place ourselves in cause us to often miss our true calling, which puts us in a position that causes us to miss out on our potential.


On the 24-hour Pity Party – During the past year, Monica has lost several individuals who once played important roles in her life, but she hasn’t allowed their absence to affect the way she runs her business or her life. During these times Monica has learned not to take things personally because everyone has their own agenda, and will do anything to accomplish their goal. Monica’s ultimate goal for M320 is for the company to run without her presence, successfully.


On Being a Woman On-The-RYSE – Monica states that “the next level I intend to RYSE to is to be the president of a multi-million-dollar marketing agency that is producing monumental results for global clients in the US and abroad.” She works hard to cater to businesses that are interested in branching away from the traditional marketing norms.

Her dream for M320 is to be the company that works uniquely to give the clients great results, reaching the multicultural, lifestyle and celebrity sector.

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