12 Women Who Are On The RYSE In Atlanta

RYSE takes a moment to spotlight a few women who are rising in their respective professions


Adrienne Brown


Pitch Forward with Social Media Expert, Adrienne Brown

Digital Marketing Maven & Social Media Expert of Adrienne J. Media


In February Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed announced the inaugural class of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI). It’s a 15-month business incubator offering 15 new women entrepreneurs an opportunity to operate their businesses without the financial burden of start-up costs such as workspace, access to technology and best of all, access other business mentors.

Adrienne Brown, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist of Adrienne J. Media, a digital marketing communications company, is one of the 15 entrepreneurs taking advantage of this opportunity.


On Being Chosen for Atlanta’s Inaugural WEI program – There was an extensive application process. From there a select number of entrepreneurs were invited to pitch their business before a panel of WEI Advisory Board members and seasoned executives.


On Pitching Yourself to Potential Clients & Investors – If you are truly passionate about your business, a “pitch” is simply a more formalized conversation detailing the inner workings of your brand. Pitches are rooted in passion and are a creative way to share your thoughts and vision.


On Defining Success by her Own Terms – Success is truly defined by one’s ability to reach their desired goal. It isn’t about money or fame. To me it’s about being disciplined enough to execute, making your dreams a reality.


On The Importance of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs –  I’m a firm supporter of Mayor Reed’s belief that when you empower a woman entrepreneur, you’re empowering a community. That in itself creates the possibility for a cycle of success. As a woman entrepreneur, it’s my duty to reach back and lift up fellow entrepreneurs who look like me, in race and gender.


On Setting Social Media Goals –  Adrienne J Media provides S.M.A.R.T digital marketing solutions such as email marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertising. I find that some businesses take a complicated approach to digital marketing. At the end of the day, a business should simply be smart with their tactics and goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. It’s not necessary to use every digital marketing tactic or social media platform for your business. What’s most important is to identify the channels and tactics that are right for your brand.


On Being a Woman On-The-RYSE – It’s a rewarding feeling to be recognized for my achievements. However, there is nothing I have done that isn’t in the realm of possibility for another woman. With hard work, perseverance and discipline we can all be On-The-RYSE.

For more information about the WEI initiative, please visit http://www.weiatlanta.com/. For more information about Adrienne J. Media, please visit www.AdrienneJMedia.com.

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