12 Women Who Are On The RYSE In Atlanta

RYSE takes a moment to spotlight a few women who are rising in their respective professions


Trayce Toles

YUMS! Trayce Toles Has A Heart That’s Here To Serve

Trayce Toles Serves as Field HR Training Leader for YUM! Brands

Trayce Toles

Atlanta native, Trayce Toles honestly found her purpose by serving and teaching others.  Currently, Toles is the Field Human Resources Training Leader for KFC US- YUM! Brands, a position she believes helps her learn how to grow and help others.


She is in charge of training execution for new product launches and other brand building initiatives. “I execute interactive and engaging learning modules for the franchise partners in the West Territory encompassing over 30,000 employees across approximately 1200 franchised restaurants,” she explains.


With carrying such an enormous responsibility for such a well-known organization, Toles says she still attempts to balance and value her career and her personal life.   


On Mentorship & Interconnectivity – “I empower myself through mentoring. My mentee Jasmine, just graduated from KIPP Collegiate High School in Atlanta, GA. Her fresh approach to life empowers me to keep pushing. But it’s cyclical because we empower each other to be better,” she said.  


Toles values how she has been able to grow her network throughout her career, “[As a result of my career,] my network has grown exponentially. We are all interconnected and with my career growth I have had the opportunity to sit at the feet and listen to greats like Ambassador Andrew Young and be mentored by former White House Fellow Rodney Bullard,” Toles said.


On Striving for Work/Life Balance – Despite her impressive and enviable resume, things were not always so positive and flawless in her life. Toles is very candid about the moments that nearly broke her in her professional life, as well as her personal life.

As for her personal life, Trayce found it to be incredibly hard to find a love like her father’s after his sudden death. She explains, “I constantly searched for his love in everything. The lack of a father in my life left me vulnerable to situations where I compromised myself just for the sake of love.” She said she found herself in abusive relationships looking for love in all the wrong places. “It was self-love through understanding God’s true love that saved me and helped me to see what it meant to persevere,” Toles added.

Despite these events, she carried on with her mission to spread education and positively impacting people.


On Service Leadership Through Education – She is a strong believer in service leadership through education, something she valued greatly while previously working with the Chick-fil-A Foundation.  As an educator, she found it heartbreaking when she “came in contact with individuals that didn’t value the gift that we had been tasked with caring for- our children.”  


Through influence, Trayce Toles hopes to inspire other educators to think outside the box and grow within their classrooms to positively impact the community.


On Being a Woman On-The-RYSE – Although Toles has undoubtedly lived an impressive and fruitful life she still believes that she has some ways to go, “I’ve got a few more years ahead of me to purge and grow. I would venture to say that my younger self would be amazed at the triumph over adversity I accomplished. As that younger adult or person to see where I am now is an inspiration to my younger self.”

Toles believes, “My heart to serve and my passion for education makes me a Woman on the RYSE.”

Toles received a History degree from Spelman College and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy Studies from Georgia State University, before retrieving her teaching certification. She believes, “Being an educator is one of the most fulfilling positions in life.”


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