12 Women Who Are On The RYSE In Atlanta

RYSE takes a moment to spotlight a few women who are rising in their respective professions


Chastity Stevenson Westry

Chastity Stevenson Westry Reaching Back as She Climbs

Chastity Stevenson Westry Does it All For Her Family

Chastity Stevenson Westry

As a Senior Director of Sales for the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo, Chastity Stevenson Westry has worked incredibly hard to set the example for women today. Overcoming her life struggles, Westry credits her relationships, education, sense of community, and spirituality to her success. At Frito-Lay, Westry is responsible for leading customer strategy across Alabama, Mississippi, and portions of Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida. She has worked for PepsiCo for eight years and lived in 4 cities.


Overcoming the stigma of Teenage Pregnancy – As the child of a teenage mother and growing up in poverty in Alabama she was taught to focus on her relationships with the people around her both personally and professionally. She believes her drive comes from her past. She shares, “I’m driven by having the opportunity to change the trajectory of my family.”


On Defining Her Success – When it comes to defining her success, the Auburn University graduate believes that professionally it comes down to the positive movements and moments of people and partnerships. “You have to have the confidence, competence, compassion, and will to navigate,” Westry said.


Happy Life/Happy Wife – In her personal life, Chastity believes it comes down to maintaining peace and happiness for her household. She beams when talking about her husband Gerry and son Gabriel.


“I don’t need the success for myself; I need it for my family, for my community.”


Overcoming Bad Times –  Years ago while at another organization, Westry was almost broken personally and professionally. She endured both a bad relationship and a bad manager at the same time.  “I crumbled and had to regroup; I forgot who I was. I got it together by leaning on God’s grace,” she explained.


“My pastor once said, ‘Don’t be an eagle in a canary cage.’ A canary might not want you to know that you are an eagle. They might not want you to soar” Westry said it is imperative to be aware of the draft you create for others. Her achievements have made her more conscious of that. “Hopefully, people see what you’re doing and become a part of the draft, and you grow together” Westry stated. “Hopefully, you become a part of someone else’s draft as well.”


On Being a Woman On-The-RYSE – “I think I’m on the way there. My true purpose is to be a giver and a teacher. I’ve had so many people take the time to teach me, and I’ve been supported by so many. I’ve only touched the surface.


Last year Westry, with the support of the PepsiCo Foundation, established an endowment at Auburn University. Each year she will give away a scholarship for perpetuity. “It’s exhilarating,” Westry said.


Chastity Stevenson Westry hopes to keep soaring with her marriage, motherhood, and a successful career.

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