12 Women Who Are On The RYSE In Atlanta

RYSE takes a moment to spotlight a few women who are rising in their respective professions


Nicole Garner Scott

Self Made , Self Paid Talks With Nicole Garner Scott

CEO of The Garner Circle PR and Founder of 100 Female Entrepreneurs


Since first launching a one-woman business publicity agency in 2005, Nicole has blossomed into a successful serial entrepreneur.  Her newest venture, 100 Female Entrepreneurs, focuses on small business and business development training for women entrepreneurs. She’s also built a robust platform, which even further extends the reach of the mission – www.100FemaleEntrepreneurs.com.


Nicole Garner Scott on Success – I define success as spending a majority of your time focused within your  Zone of Genius. Which is where you work passion fulfilling tasks, maximize your skilled potential and help others in meaningful ways, all while creating a the lifestyle of freedom that you desire.


On Pushing Past Barriers – To be honest, pushing past barriers is never easy. I’ve dealt with racism, sexism, financial and geographic barriers along my journey. What I realized early in life, is that to get to the next level you have to constantly live outside of your comfort zone. I had to get very comfortable with never being comfortable.  I had to get to a point where I learned to own my accomplishments. When talking about The Garner Circle PR… I always find myself saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I. I fell into this pattern for two reasons: I had a belief that speaking in first person to discuss successes felt as like bragging, and I had a difficult time shaking the idea that if someone knew it I was a team of one, the value of my company would go down. As the business grew, I made a conscious effort to truly own my accomplishments.


On what almost broke you during your journey   – I struggled with not knowing how to say ‘no’. I overcommitted and over promised myself, which is a quick way to burnout. I had to quickly recalibrate my way of thinking and my approach to stay a long term player. I taught myself how to set boundaries, learned to delegate, discovered the power of time management and started being intentional about the life I wanted to live.


On how professional achievements have changed your life My achievements have furthered my ability to help other women within their journeys of entrepreneurship. The Garner Circle PR’s mission is to push the culture forward. My journey has taught me that maintaining top placement within your industry requires staying ahead of change and while having a willingness to ‘swim upstream’.


On Being a Woman On-The-RYSE

“I am a Woman on the RYSE because I encourage women to be very explicit about their ambition. We have to put into the universe that  ‘these are my goals, and here’s how I’m working towards them” and my belief is that this can’t be done alone thereby turning individual ambition into a sense of collective achievement and that is how we RYSE together.”

The Garner Circle is a nationally recognized PR agency having worked with Strength Of Natured, Universal, Lionsgate Films, FOX, Bravo, WE tv, and more. Nicole began her journey into entrepreneurship over a decade ago and continues to innovate within her perspective fields. For more information on The Garner Circle, visit TheGarnerCircle.com.

“I am constantly driven by the purpose that God has placed on my heart and the passion to create generational wealth while continuously opening new doors for the next generation of women to follow.”

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