10 Do’s and Don’ts on How to Dress for an Interview

Whether you're in the professional world or the real world, we are all being judged by our looks on a daily basis. The only difference between wearing sweats to run errands or sporting a business suit to meet your future employer is that one will most likely bring home the money. Interviews are stressful enough with having to make sure you get there on time, making sure you don't blank during the first question, or even remembering your interviewer's name. Your outfit is the least of your concerns, I get it. But if you walk into an interview with a half tuck top or a wrinkly pair of baggy slacks, you're chancing the loss of an amazing opportunity, regardless of how impressive your resume is.

Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration when dressing for what could be the greatest moment of your career:

  1. No open toe shoes! Leave the flip flips and sandals at home! That also goes for peep-toe heels. Your toes should never be exposed in an office setting.
  2. Make sure your clothes fit, as in no baggy blazers, tops, sweaters or pants. Make sure if you're going for a suit that it's perfectly tailored to your body and the sleeves aren't too long, as well. If your pant hem is too long, please do not roll them up or cuff them. You want to give the impression to your future employer that you care enough to put in the effort for the interview.
  3. Skip the perfume. Our sense of smell is super powerful and certain scents can bring forth memories of anyone or anything that reminds us of it. So if your employee hated your cologne, he's only going to be thinking of how much he didn't like it or you while he's recapping the interview.
  4. When in doubt, wear a blazer! It's classic, professional, and effortless.
  5. If you can wear it to the gym or while running errands, it's a no! Avoid hoodies, leggings, sneakers, and even jeans to interviews. It's too casual and, well, inappropriate.
  6. No cleavage or overexposure of any area of your body. Please refrain from showing off your assets or anything that can draw attention away from what you really have to offer. You don't want to run the chance of potentially making your interviewer uncomfortable. No crop tops either, I mean it!
  7. Do not over accessorize. I know it's important to be yourself and show off your personal style, but big shiny things hanging from your ears, nose, and neck can be distracting and unappealing. Also, please remove your sunglasses before you leave your car and refrain from setting them on top of your head. Be respectful of the environment you're in, meaning, you're most likely indoors with very minimal sunlight exposure so no need for shades.
  8. Do not wear anything stained or soiled. This one might be a given, but for some reason people think it's still okay to wear a top with a ketchup stain on it as long as its covered with a jacket. It's not okay. If you can manage to score an interview, you can also manage to swing by your parents for a quick laundry run too.
  9. When in doubt, wear black!
  10. Good hygiene is a must! Men, please shave and comb through that hair. Women, no greasy hair or showing up with last nights makeup still on. Give yourself the extra time needed to take care of yourself before your interview. This doesn't mean you need to go all out on the hair and makeup, but at least appear you cared enough about this interview to put in the effort to look great.


Good luck!


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